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Abortion and Forgiveness


Earlier this month, Chad Bird wrote a post that cannot go unmentioned. Does God forgive those who have had an abortion? Today’s Evangelicals have elevated a few sins (abortion being one of them) to levels which come close to eclipsing the gospel. These issues are important. They are very important, but when we begin to make them so important that those who have participated in these sins feel as if they are unforgivable we have a crisis on our hands. From Bird’s post (speaking to those who are now saved):

It is not a question of whether God can forgive you, or even if he will forgive you. He already has. When you see a cross, you see the smile of your Father. He’s not mad at you. He’s overjoyed that you’re his daughter. He’s happy that you are part of his family. He talks of you to the angels. “Look at my daughter,” he says. “She is beautiful. She is pure. She is the apple of my eye. She is just the way I want her to be.” All of heaven resounds with angelic voices that sing songs of how dear you are . . .

Source: Will God Forgive Me for Having an Abortion? |

3 thoughts on “Abortion and Forgiveness

  1. Okay so first of all I LOVE the new comment options to use accounts I already have yay!

    So as you already know I have had abortions so this topic was very dear to me. Well you know that and Jami does. I loved the quote you had above and had to go read it. Wow! Joseph is here as you can tell from my better spelling and had to stop me from just crying and crying. I couldn’t even type I was crying so hard! Thank you for finding this. Joseph had to explain the part about Jesus being the one who had the abortion. It made sense because I have heard it before but oh my! I have to hear this again and again and again just to really believe it!


    Thanks Serena. I thought the login options would be helpful. You and Joseph both have incredible stories to tell. Stories of how the gospel changed your lives dramatically. Don’t ever be ashamed to tell your story as long as the gospel of Christ is front and center rather than the sensational nature of your experiences.

  3. Eric

    Another good post. Serena thanks for your vulnerability. It is amazing to think that even those sin we hate to talk about are forgiven!

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