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Abuse and Theology of the Cross


Today at Liberate, R.J. Grunewald explains how Cross Theology offers hope to abuse victims that the Theology of Glory is unable to offer: Read: Abuse Doesn’t Get the Last Word

5 thoughts on “Abuse and Theology of the Cross

  1. Joseph

    Aaron can you explain the theology of glory a little? The article did a good job showing how Luther’s theology provides an answer for the victim but didn’t define the other view very well. Is the contrast between the Westminster Confession’s statement that our purpose is to glorify God? That would seem off if so. God is glorified through the cross and through his grace for victims.

    • ajcerda

      Joseph that is a good question. I’ll give my understanding of it but want to be upfront by saying that I don’t fully grasp all the nuances myself. The contrast is not with our chief end being to glorify God. The contrast in Luther is how we as humans see suffering. A theology of glory completely overlooks suffering by claiming that a lack of suffering is a sign of God’s favor. It exalts works to such a degree that a lack of trial is a testimony to your goodness. Luther’s theology of the cross says rather than minimizing suffering, we see it as God’s grace to us. Instead of seeking to avoid it at all costs we embrace it when it comes to us. Not embracing the evil in it but the grace that comes from it. We don’t see suffering as something to seek out but we take it as from a father’s hand. This is Moltmann’s strength in my opinion. I wouldn’t normally recommend Moltmann but in this area he is very Good.

  2. Yes! It is grace for those of us who have suffered sexual abuse and other abuse. It is favor because he fights for the victim and grace because it is unmerited.

    • ajcerda

      Bingo Marie!

  3. Aimee Toups

    And yet another reason to read Luther. Where have I been my whole life? Oh yeah- that’s right.Mass.*sigh*

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