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April Book Giveaway – Apologetics Package!


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One of the benefits to writing book reviews online is that I get a lot of free books. The problem is that I end up with a lot of books on my shelves and not enough space for incoming books. The answer to this is quite simple really . . . host a contest!

April Book Giveaway

Eh . . . not that kind of contest.

The rules will be very simple. I will be linking to two of my old book reviews below. After reading the reviews come back to THIS POST and leave a comment IN THIS POST along with your name and email address. The winner will be RANDOMLY selected from the comments using MYSQL’s random RAND() function. I WILL NOT personally select the winner. I know leaving your email address can be scary so here’s what you will want to know before commenting.

  1. If you have already left an email in the past or if I have an alternate way of contacting you if you are the winner  (i.e real life or social media)  then you do not need to leave an email address.
  2. Your email address WILL be checked automatically to ensure that only real people are entering. That’s fair.
  3. Your email address WILL NOT be used for marketing purposes.
  4. Your email address WILL NOT subscribe you to this blog. If you want to subscribe scroll to the bottom and use the subscribe form.
  5. Your email address WILL NOT BE sold, given away, memorized, spammed. It will only be visible to me and only from a password protected admin page.

If this goes well (it might not . . .I’ve never done this) I have 9 or 10 more books to give away and will also start including a give away on each review (unless I really really want to keep it for myself).

You can comment multiple times but just one entry will count. While I always appreciate when you share my posts, it WILL NOT improve your odds of winning. Entry in this giveaway is exclusive to comments on THIS POST.

This contest ends on April 21, 2016 at Midnight (PDT).

April Book Giveaway – Apologetics Package!

Tough Questions About God and His Actions in the Old Testament by Walter Kaiser

The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist by Andy Banister with foreward by Ravi Zacharias

The winner will be notified by email and on this site in a “winner announcement” post. If the prize isn’t claimed within seven days an alternate winner will be selected and announced. I will make every effort to contact the winner using the information provided at entry.

Now. . . follow those links, read the reviews, and come back here to comment in order to enter to win!


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47 thoughts on “April Book Giveaway – Apologetics Package!

  1. Judy

    I met Andy Banister at a conference and he was a wonderful speaker with a gift for communicating. He had a great sense of humor. I’d love to win these books!

  2. Barbara Rosenkranz

    I was going to buy this way back when you reviewed it but never did. Crossing my fingers!

  3. Ryan Smith

    Both books look good by my heart is set on the Kaiser book. I’ve always liked his style of writing and his mind is amazing. Let’s win!

  4. This sounds like an interesting book. I think I will put it on my list to read. I would review your review, though…It starts out as “Book Review- Though questions, not tough. Sorry!

    • Indeed it did! Thanks for the keen eye. To make matters worse I copy and pasted the title throughout the post. I believe I have updated everything including links. Thanks again ‘wellmarkedtrail’!

  5. Okay count me in Aaron! I’m a subscriber so you have my email :<)

  6. Entering! I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail starting next week but I will be able to respond by email if I win and can leave an address for a drop off along the trail.

  7. Lenette

    I’m a subscriber too but I don’t remember if you have my email so I’m putting it in. Then again I don’t remember where I put my coffee either. Or my denture cream.

  8. Julious G.

    New reader and subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway. Looks like two very good books!

  9. Hello Aaron. I would read both but am particularly interested in the one by Walter Kaiser. I took a few classes from him many years ago.

  10. Entering!

  11. Count me in as well. Thank you!

  12. Jen Andreason

    Win win win!!!

  13. Vivian

    Is the Tough Questions book hard to read? The other one looks really good.I might pass the Tough Questions on to my son.

  14. Jeff R.

    Entering. Thank you.

  15. Al Voth

    Jeff and Viv I literally posted this to my Facebook like 3 minutes ago. How did you beat me to signing up?

  16. Vivian

    Al I don’t know if that’s our Jeff. He’s on vacation in Utah and I don’t think they have the Comcast there. He’ll just have to miss out I suppose unless you want to enter him. I don’t know if he would be interested. He’s more into the grace reviews than these ones. By the way I beat you because Karl already posted it on his Facebook and his Tweeter and his Google. You just have to be faster dear. I don’t think it’s a race though. His Internet just picks a winner by itself out of all the contestants.

    • Al Voth

      I’m sure they have Internet in Utah Viv. But I am not sure if it is very fast. It may be like it was back dialer with the squeaky box that plugged in. I didn’t see Karl’s come up on my internet. I probably should have scrolled more. All I see are those awful ads and videos of cats and food. That’s all I see these days. It’s those hackers and spams again. It’s all I ever see on my Facebook Internet.

  17. Romana Lewis


  18. Jeff

    Uncle Al and grandma that wasn’t me but I am entering now. By the way they do have internet here. It’s pretty fast too. They even have a Starbucks. Its a pretty happening place!

    • Vivian

      Al he reminds me of you when we were young. You always had a smart comeback for everything but you were also the first to get blamed and had your fair share of being paddled. You did catch that he was teasing us didn’t you?

  19. A. Vorderstrasse

    I would like to enter. Books are expensive these days! Are either one from a reformed perspective?

    • A. Vorderstrasse, Kaiser is not reformed in his ecclesiology but is a Calvinist and non Dispensational. Neither book really touches on the issues which distinguish reformed from non reformed.

  20. Yay free stuff! What’s the retail value? I’m entering anyway but curious.

    • Ruby the retail value for the two books is $31.98

  21. I don’t need more books right now but I need these.

  22. If I win I can take these to college with me and have some good answers ready lol!

  23. Willard C.

    Never too old to read. Been retired now for 14 years. I fill my time by reading!

  24. Michael

    Reader,subscriber, and hopeful contest winner!

  25. Serena

    Okiedokie I know I said on Facebook I’m not entering but I changed my mind I’m going to enter but don’t ship it to Russia if I win I want it to be a gift for Joseph’s nephew who is all into reading books and all.

  26. Karly M


  27. Raymond M.

    Both of these look really good and both mention that they could be used as a homeschool reading requirement. Sounds good to me!

  28. Shannon

    My son has taken an interest in apologetics. My husband and I aren’t that good at it so we’ve been putting it off. Maybe something like the Atheist book will be good for him. He’s pretty lighthearted.

  29. Linda Burns


  30. Subscribers here and we want to win!

  31. George Thelon

  32. Darlene Dunford

    I took an apologetics class back in the 80s. I enjoyed it but it was very hard at the same time. Maybe I’m smarter now!

  33. Awwww! That is so sweet to give away your books. You have to fight really hard to get books from me lol! I love this! I am a regular reader and I only commented once before. But I want more books!

  34. Thomas

    In it 2 win it baby!

  35. Frances

    I’ve lived for 72 years and have never won a single thing. Please God. Let it be this time!

    Ok that’s a lie. I’m 52 and have won things before.

    Still hoping to win.

  36. Bernard AKA Bernie


  37. Joyce C

    I didn’t go back and read the others posts. I have bee subscribing for a couple years so I probably already read them. Can I still enter?

    • Yes Joyce! You can still enter. Reading the reviews is just to help you decide if you want to enter or not.

  38. C. Klein-Smith


  39. Ken

    In B4 time runs out!

  40. Ryan Smith

    I can’t stay up. Too tired. Hopefully waking up to a happy announcement!

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