Book Review – Marriage God’s Way by Scott LaPierre

Title: Marriage God's Way Author: Scott LaPierre Publisher: Charis Family Publishing Release Date: August 4, 2016 Format: Paperback Pages: 224 At its best, marriage brings joys and blessings rarely seen in this life. At its worst, marriage generates pain and conflict, often because husbands and wives do not fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Wouldn’t […]

Book review – A Spiritual Heritage: Connecting Kids and Grandkids to God and Family

Title: A Spiritual Heritage Author: Glen Schuknecht, Ellen Schuknecht, Genre: Religion Publisher: Kregel Publications Release Date: October 24, 2017 Pages: 160 A guide for raising children to be Christ-following adults and parents With three adult children, eleven grandkids, and over forty-five years in Christian education, Glen and Ellen Schuknecht are asked a lot of parenting […]

Book Review – The Handy Guide to Difficult and Irregular Greek Verbs by Jon C. Laansma & Randall X. Gauthier

Title: The Handy Guide to Difficult and Irregular Greek Verbs Author: Laansma Jon, Randall Gauthier, Genre: Foreign Language Study Publisher: Kregel Academic Release Date: September 26, 2017 Pages: 80 Book Review – The Handy Guide to Difficult and Irregular Greek Verbs by Jon C. Laansma & Randall X. Gauthier I’m really excited about Kregel Academic’s […]

Book Review – Irenaeus of Lyon by Simonetta Carr

Title: Irenaeus of Lyon Author: Simonetta Carr Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction Publisher: Christian Biographies for Youn Release Date: 2017 Pages: 64 Book Review – Irenaeus of Lyon by Simonetta Carr Irenaeus of Lyon is the latest treasure written by Simonetta Carr and illustrated by Matt Abraxas. It is a biography of the early patristic Irenaeus. The […]

Book Review – Reformation Women by Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Title: Reformation Women Author: Rebecca VanDoodewaard Release Date: April 25, 2017 Women are an essential element in church history. Just as Deborah, Esther, and the New Testament Marys helped shape Bible history, so the women of the Reformed church have helped to make its history great. In Reformation Women, Rebecca Vandoodewaard introduces readers to twelve sixteenth-century […]

Book Review – Pray About Everything by Paul Tautges

Title: Pray About Everything Author: Paul Tautges Publisher: Shepherd Press Release Date: June 5, 2017 Format: Paperback Pages: 128 Believers need to learn to pray about everything, but so many unanswered questions hinder our progress. What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? How do I pray for my non-Christian friends? When does the Holy […]

Book Review – Divided We Fall by Luder G. Whitlock Jr.

Title: Divided We Fall Author: Luder G. Whitlock Genre: Religion Publisher: P & R Publishing Release Date: 2017 Throughout the centuries, Christians have longed to be united with one anothersupporting each other and working in harmony. But our reality is very different, and we need only to read the New Testament to realize that disunity […]

Book Review – Hungry by Rondi Lauterbach

Title: Hungry Author: Rondi Lauterbach Genre: Religion Release Date: 2016 Pages: 255 Hunger: it drives our bodies, shapes our day, and affects our choices. We are all too familiar with our physical hunger and the guilt it often inspires. But God designed us to hunger-our hunger is good! It shows we are meant to depend […]