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Some Encouragement For Us Moms

Hi friends. I hope to do a baby introduction post soon… Right now I’m in the “wow, I was really exhausted the last 9+ months and everything fell apart” recovery phase. This blog post from Generation Cedar was in my inbox recently though, and I think it’s worth sharing. I loved this part; Frankly, much […]

A long overdue post

Well friends, obviously a blogger I am not. I haven’t even been reading other blogs to share with you. Before life kicks up another notch, I do want to address the few things I said I would. First, the THM cookbook. I did finally purchase a copy and I am impressed. It is laid out […]

Lessons from Elisabeth Elliott

Over time, I have really come to appreciate Elisabeth Elliott. I see her as a woman filled with grace and peace. Her life is a picture of what it is to live and rest in Christ. I am thankful for the many resources available to tap into her wisdom. I came across this post at […]

Hope in Miscarriage

I read this post through tears this morning.  We have lost at least three babies through miscarriage.  (I plan to share more on this in the next week or two.) My sisters in Christ,  even though we have experienced the sting of death, we do have hope. I pray this encourages you as it did […]

Friendships that Encourage

I love this. These are the kind of friendships I am praying for. As sisters in Christ, we shouldn’t judge one another for our child’s behavior or sin, we view it as an opportunity to serve and love one another. Read the post here at the better mom. ~ J