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Book Review – A Trip Around the Sun


Title: A Trip Around the Sun
Authors: Mark Batterson & Richard Foth
Rating:  3 stars

A Trip Around the Sun is a book which encourages Christians to make the most of this trip around the sun… the year in which they find themselves. The authors share their inspiring stories of adventure and friendship which are sure to get you excited to lay a hold of those good works which God has prepared for you to walk in this year. I found the book to be motivating but seemed just a little off center. While the authors did emphasize that our adventures are those things which God has planned for you, at times the focus seemed to be heavier on adventure and light on seeking after God. However, to the authors credit, when we seek God He often leads us unto adventure. Our focus should and must be set upon seeking God however, and not adventure itself. If we seek God He will bring the rest into our lives as we continue to seek Him. I kept waiting for the focus to shift from seeking adventure to seeking God but as I neared the end of the book I realized that may have not been their intent. Is there anything wrong with seeking adventure? No- absolutely not! However, I expected a little more from the book. As it turns out, this book is not about Explicit Christian Living, but rather, living the Christian life with an eye for adventure. And that my friends, is perfectly okay.


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One thought on “Book Review – A Trip Around the Sun

  1. Clive Amasuenge

    Meh. I felt the same about the book. Almost didn’t review it at all. But it had some good qualities so I did.

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