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Book Review- Awe by Paul David Tripp


5 thoughts on “Book Review- Awe by Paul David Tripp

  1. Ken Voth

    I always like Paul Tripp as well as his brother Ted. Both very gospel oriented. I’ll definitely have to get this.

  2. Steve H.

    This is excellent! I have been trying to put this very thing into words for an upcoming sermon on sin and battling sin. I may have to wait for the book to come out and do another sermon in its place. It sounds like I could gain a lot from reading it.

  3. Oh soooo very good! I have been thinking of writing about a similar topic, about how God has given us good things to enjoy but we misuse it and begin to worship it. I didn’t think of awe as a word to capture this idea but it makes sense. I think it is the right word. Hooray for Paul Tripp!! I can’t wait to read this one!

  4. Dresden

    Awe is something I feel when I am worshipping God. Awe is also something I feel when I am tempted to view things online that I know I should not. One is holy the other is unholy. Both make me love what I am in awe of.

  5. Ryan

    This does look very good. I agree with you Aaron that he likely isn’t saying that sin and misplaced awe are the same thing. Sin goes much deeper and awe is a word the Bible uses. If scripture meant to say misplaced awe where it says sin God would have chosen to use the word. I haven’t read the book but I agree that he likely wasn’t saying that.

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