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Book Review – Christ All Sufficient: An Exposition of Colossians


Book Review – Christ All Sufficient: An Exposition of Colossians

Broadly speaking, those who are accustomed to reading commentaries know that there are generally two approaches ; those which are filled with details about the language, grammar, syntax, and historical context of each verse and those which choose to capture the overall message of a passage and quickly move to the application. Both approaches are invaluable to the student of Scripture and both play an important role in developing both the mind and character of the Christian. Brian Hedges chooses the latter approach in his commentary on Colossians, Christ All Sufficient and he does it with greater skill than anyone I can think of. This is not to say that Christ All Sufficient lacks academic rigor or ignores the linguistic structure of Colossians. It doesn’t. The reader will find ample footnotes to satisfy his or her need for details in the back of the book and may, if desired, investigate any number of Hedges’ propositions until their curiosity is fulfilled. Christ All Sufficient is very well researched and documented. I appreciate the approach Hedges has taken here because it is deeply pastoral and doesn’t lose the main point of the passage in the details. However, if one desires, there is sufficient documentation to point the reader in the direction of a thorough analysis of the linguistic and cultural undercurrents. For those curious about the his influences, Hedges makes liberal use of Moo and Pao, moderate use of Bruce and O’Brien, and occasional use of Barclay and N.T. Wright among others.

Most impressively is the unabashed gospel proclamation that is woven throughout Christ All Sufficient. Hedges leaves no room for formulaic approaches or legalistic methodologies for sanctification. The gospel, from start to finish, is an integral component of Hedges’ understanding of the Christian life and that shines through his writing in every respect.

Christ All Sufficient is a worthy choice for those looking for a conservative and Reformed commentary on Colossians. It is simple enough to use as an aid to Bible study whether in a group or alone, and documented enough to serve as a launching pad into deeper study while not getting lost in the details. I would recommend this commentary for pastors and “laypeople” alike and is suitable for your home educated child to use as a study aid for a Bible curriculum.

Where to Purchase

You can find Christ All Sufficient directly through Shepherd Press or by visiting my Amazon picks below (top option).

About the Author

christ all sufficientBrian G. Hedges is the lead pastor for Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, Michigan. He has been married to Holly since 1996 and they have four children. Brian is also the author of Christ Formed in You and Active Spirituality. For fun, Brian enjoys reading, playing golf, hanging out with his family, and watching good movies. Brian blogs at, and you can follow him on Twitter @brianghedges.



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Shepherd Press in exchange for an online review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

9 thoughts on “Book Review – Christ All Sufficient: An Exposition of Colossians

  1. Dave

    I attend Fulkerson Park and agree 100% when you say that the gospel is integral to his understanding of the Christian life. A lot of people would say that about themselves but don’t really understand the gospel enough to be right. They think the gospel is something that happened a long time ago and is only applied to us today through a long ago event. Pastor Brian understands that the gospel is for us even today in walking the Christian walk.

    P. S. How do you get free books to review? I’d like to be part of that.

    • Dave, Contact me using the contact page and let me know you’re the one asking about books.

  2. Ryan Smith

    Excellent! I actually cheated during your hiatus from writing and saw that you were reading this on Goodreads. So I bought it a few weeks ago and am half way done. I am loving it so far. Agree with everything you said.

    • That’s not cheating.. That’s a good strategy!

  3. Audrey

    I love Colossians and consider it my favorite book. There is so much grace in there. All of what God has done and no room for my own righteousness

    • It’s one of my favorites too Audrey!

  4. Ken

    Perfect! I was just looking for a commentary for Colossions . We’re doing a small group Bible study and I need a commentary that will work for all skill levels.

    • Ken, this is a good option for that dynamic. I think you will enjoy it!

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