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Book Review- Flipped by Doug Pagitt


9 thoughts on “Book Review- Flipped by Doug Pagitt

  1. Rena!!!

    Wait what??? Small words pleese!!! Oh and back online after my super genius hubby fixed my laptop yay!

    • ajcerda

      Welcome back Serena and see my reply to Ryan. I’ll dig deeper into the topic since you two have given an excuse!

  2. Ryan

    Good review! Maybe you can give us normal folk a rundown of what process theology and panentheism is though!

    • ajcerda

      Ryan, I’ll try to write a short explanation of Process Theology soon. To be fair I don’t think Pagitt went totally Process in this book. There are some definite hints of it though. In the meantime look up the writings of John Cobb and Charles Hartshorne. You can also find a lot of primary source documents at the Center For Process Studies online. For a deeper look into it look up Alfred North Whitehead. His Process Philosophy set the stage for Process Theology. For a look into how this has affected Evangelical Christianity you can look at Clark Pinnock, Greg Boyd, Richard Rice, and to some extent Dallas Willard. More on this later but for now you will be able to find a lot from those sources. I’ll write a simplified explanation soon.

  3. Joseph

    It sounds like an interesting book. I don’t think I have ever read a review from you that wasn’t at least 3 stars. It must have irked you! I can see why though with the way he appears to twist passages to fit his system. Would you say it is worth buying?

    • ajcerda

      Hey Joseph! Good to hear from you. Assuming this is Joseph K from Russia? If not, good to hear from you anyway.

      You are right, this is probably the worst review I have written. I can almost always find redeeming qualities in a book but this one went too far in many areas. I tend to allow for a wide range of Christian tradition when reading Christian books and just simply critique them in light of my own Reformed tradition. But Pagitt seemed to be trying to deconstruct the original text and insert his own meaning! That approach rarely works out well if ever. There are sometimes a few interpretations that we can extract from a text given the reader’s interpretive grid. . . But to completely make up your own while dismissing key textual elements which point to the exact opposite is just plain sloppy and irresponsible. That said, yeah. Buy the book.

  4. Dana Holt

    I guess I need you clarify because in the quote it doesn’t sound like he affirmed both. It actually sounds like he rejects the idea of God in us altogether which sounds just as bad as afirming both. In fact our hope of glory Paul says is Christ inus not us in Christ. These sorts of people need to be exposed. I’m usually not the type to want to go around exposing people but this is just plain silly. He needs reading for comprehension 101.

  5. Hello Dana, I didn’t really support my point very well- thanks for pointing that out. I intended to include some quotes prior to that one showing how he accepts the idea of Christ in us and the Spirit in us. I somehow forgot to do that. I’ll dig the book out and cite the page and quotes soon.

    In the meantime I’m working on a post to give basic rundown of process theology; the roots of which we see in Pagitt’s thought.

  6. ajcerda

    Hey all, as requested I posted a summary of Process Theology here:

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