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Book Review – God’s Design

Book Review – God’s Design

God’s Design is the latest book in the Making HIM Known series for children written by Sally Michael and published by P&R Publishing. This book is highly relevant for today today and  even more so than when it was published just seven weeks ago!  In this book, Sally Michael takes a look at God’s design for men and women; both as individual and distinct genders and in their interaction in marriage, singleness, parenthood, and the church. Her operating assumption is that there is a distinction between the genders and that this distinction is purposeful and doxological. It is purposeful in that God, as the creator and designer of men and women created the sexes with distinct functions, roles, and distinct glories. It is doxological in that the ultimate purpose of gender distinction is the glorification and praise of the creator.

In her introduction to God’s Design, Sally Michael starts off my saying that the book “was written to give parents an opportunity to present solid truth to their children and to encourage real-life application of that truth”. She designed it to be interactive, understandable, theological, and full of practical applications. In my assessment, she succeeded in each of these design elements. She starts off the book with chapters on God as creator and His intention for the sexes. She dispels any potential accusations about extreme patriarchy in a wonderfully written chapter called “Men and Women Are Equal” and then goes into showing how we have rebelled and continue to rebel against God’s design; both as men and as women. After urging the reader to recover God’s design she gives Biblical examples of manhood and womanhood including areas in which wrong thinking has crept into our minds. Then she tackles the topics of purity, marriage and singleness before jumping into applications as husbands & fathers, and mothers & wives. She concludes with chapters on how we were made for work and urges us to trust God’s design and conform our lives to it so that we might fear and trust in His name.

I was really impressed with Sally Michael’s gift of communication. This book is written in such a way that older children can read and comprehend Biblical and theological truths and that parents of younger children can read it to them to encourage dialogue. However, it would be a mistake to conclude that this book is only valuable to children. Adults will benefit from her writing as well. Her ability to clearly articulate Biblical truth is a breath of fresh air in a world of writers who seem to value complexity rather than simplicity. Her simplicity in writing however should not be confused with simplicity of mind. Sally Michael writes with a profound sense of understanding and clarity and yet manages to break the theological language down into sentences that are easy to swallow.

I would recommend this book for parents with children of all ages. With all of the confusion about gender lately it is a timely highly relevant topic. It would work perfect as an addition to a homeschooling curriculum for children around 8 to around 12 years old (parents will want to judge this based on individual learning styles). It would fit perfectly into an extended teaching time by mom or dad as well.

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About the author

God's DesignSally Michael
is the co-founder and publishing consultant of Children Desiring God, and she developed their widely used Sunday school curriculum for young people. She is also an author and a speaker, and she served as Minister for Children at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for sixteen years.






Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from P&R Publishing in exchange for an online review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

15 thoughts on “Book Review – God’s Design

  1. Ummm yes! I NEED this book lol! Okay I’m buying now. Like right now!

  2. I’m right there with you Missy. I know I shouldn’t fear but I fear for my grandkids.

  3. Gina

    This seems like more of the same everything-phobic kind of propaganda put out by the church since the middle ages. Women are objects, men are kings and need to suppress womens rights so that they can stay home and make babies after being raped by their husbands for their pleasure. No thank you!

    • Oh my gosh Gina I’ve been praying for you since the last time you commented because I used to think just like you. I used to want nothing to do with men ever and everything to do with women if you catch my drift. But God totally rescued me from myself. He can do that for you too if you repent and flee to Jesus. I love everything you girl whoever and where ever you are.

    • Hello Gina, thanks for your thoughts. I think of you were to read this book you would get a different impression. There have been and still are some abuses toward women in religious circles but a vast majority of Christians don’t hold these views. The Bible has a high view of womanhood and this book is a good example of that.

  4. Gina

    You’ve been brainwashed Missy. Watch out. If they made you believe that you were not what you really were then they can make you believe anything. Like men are superior and women are nothing but sexual objects. Some day you will wake up and see what’s really going on and has always gone on. This is why gender identity is so big to them. Look how they freaked out about something as little as bathrooms. They are squirming because we are taking their power from them by equalizing the entire playing field. Come back and join the revolution. It’s going to be bloody and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of it.

    • Oh I’m totally praying for you hun! The truth is nobody made me believe I was not what I really am. Just the opposite God showed me what I REALLY was. You’re so sweet to be concerned for me but I’ve chosen my side and found freedom here.

      • Missy very well stated!

  5. Garrett

    All other conversionside aside this looks like a good book. I agree with Karl. “Let not your heart be troubled. Neither let it be afraid”.

  6. Jen Andreason

    Aaron are you going to do a giveaway for this one?

  7. Jen, my review copy was an e-book. I don’t think I can give those away. If I’m wrong let me know how to do it and I’ll hold a drawing!

  8. Lenette

    God’s ways are under attack from every side. This is something that we hardly heard about when I was growing up. Men were proud to be men and women were proud to be women. Each had their own beauty. Today everyone wants to confuse the two. They want to have blurred lines because if gender doesn’t exist then sexual preference is just that. A matter of preference rather than biology or right and wrong.

  9. Lorre Pomeroy

    Thanks Aaron. I bought a copy and a few of the others in the series. Can’t wait for them to come!

  10. Oliver

    Wonderful! I enjoy this series and can’t wait to get this one.

  11. Nathan Grusecki

    Just this morning I was reading about a 15 year girl in Florida who had 20+ young high school boys follow her into the restroom and had their way with her. Of course the press is silent on many of the details but the police report is public record so they can only cover the details for a time. This wasn’t a transgender issue to be fair but with the blurring of gender lines and allowance of open facilities based upon a random whim anyone can claim to be what they want. I don’t understand gender confusion. I am sure it is real but so are all sins. What happened to this girl is unspeakable. One girl who witnessed the video the boys shot said they had her head in the toilet while they had their way with her. This is the logical outcome of winking at gender confusion rather than treating it.we make accommodations so loose that all kinds of evil happens as a result. This wasn’t a case of a transgender person but of sin capitalizing on the opportunity provided as a result of blurring lines. Tragic.

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