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Book Review – Law & Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints)


9 thoughts on “Book Review – Law & Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints)

  1. OMG thank you! I have been thinking about getting this or not. It’s cheap enough but then again $10 is a lot for me right now lol! What to do? Okay I’m getting it right now. Thanks for convincing me!

    • ajcerda

      Marie you will not regret buying this book.

  2. Nolan

    Excellent review. I just finished ordering the book myself. I was surprised in reading this review to find so many points of correlation between my own theology and the view point of the authors. What a wonderful discovery! I have heard the charge of antinomianism used against Lutherans but if I understand you correctly this is not true. Can you address this? What then is the difference in how the law is used?

    • ajcerda

      Nolan, good! I think you will enjoy this book a lot.There are some differences between the two views but upon further inspection I believe that they are very close. As a reformed guy, I can affirm the Lutheran position. In fact, I think the Lutheran emphasis is a but closer to the biblical witness. The question is, does the law have any power at all to sanctify us? I would day no. The gospel does that and then enables us to obey, though only with an imperfect obedience. The charge that Lutherans teach antinomianism is laughable. You are correct to be suspicious of that accusation. If anything, Lutherans hold a higher view of the law by insisting correctly that it is too lofty for us to keep. The moment we minimize the demands of the law we have shown ourselves to have a low view.

  3. Raul Martinez

    This is the truth of the gospel. That we can’t do anything not even repent to earn what God offers. We can’t understand that though if we first don’t know we need to repent. So we have to teach the law to bring despair then teach the gospel to turn our sorrow into joy. That’s the only way the gospel penerates the heart.

    • ajcerda

      Raul, correct. Law first to reveal the need and then the gospel to save from the curse of the law.

  4. Margaret

    I read this shortly after it became available. It is something that all should read. Legalists and antinomians both if true antinomians even exist in the church. I never met one and have been Lutheran since birth.

    • ajcerda

      I happen to agree with you Margaret. I am sure that teachers of antinimianism do exist somewhere but I have yet to find one. The closest I can think of are those who lower the standards of the law by preaching law as if it is something we can actually keep rather than teaching it as something that condemns because we are unable to keep it. I think true antinomians are hard to spot because they distort it so as to be doable and then teach the distortion as law. They appear to have a high view of law since they focus on it so much but in reality they are against Law because they deny what it is and shape it to something achievable.

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