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Book Review – Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace by Ian Duguid


4 thoughts on “Book Review – Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace by Ian Duguid

  1. Rev. Ryan Smith

    This makes me want to go out and get it now. Unfortunately there isn’t much out here in Vale. Two days for Amazon Prime but even that sounds like forever right now!

  2. Dave

    Do you have any examples of the applications? Are they applications which put the onus back on us to do what only God can do?

  3. ajcerda

    Ryan I can’t recommend it enough. Get it. If you use Prime it should be here by the 30th.

  4. ajcerda

    Good questions Dave. Here is an example after reflecting on our propensity to fear man more than God and try to protect ourselves from other’s disapproval :

    “What is the answer for our self -protectiveness? The answer is the gospel. We need to remind ourselves over and over again of Jesus, the one who did not fear men , who did not economize on the truth to save himself.”

    And again…
    “Likewise, if I fear God and trust him, I don’t have to respond defensively when someone attacks me and assaults my reputation. I’m free to receive that person’s criticism and ask myself to what extent it may actually be true, instead of having to give an angry response because I fear having my weakness exposed. If I fear God, then I can serve God while acknowledging”

    Hope this helps!

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