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Book Review – The Pastor Theologian by Gerald Hiestand & Todd Wilson


5 thoughts on “Book Review – The Pastor Theologian by Gerald Hiestand & Todd Wilson

  1. Boyd Beard

    I read another review on this book and it mentioned that the authors see this as a PhD thing. Did you get the same impression?

  2. Erma

    My husband was very much a pastor theologian. He spent 36 years in deep study only to discover that he had become cold and insensitive to the pastoral needs of the body. Yes theology is important but more so is a leader who cares for and looks out for the souls of the people. This is more than right doctrine and vigorous study. It is getting involved in the messy sin of others and begging them to return to Christ. This is the calling of the pastor before any other calling. A smart theologian is good but useless if the church is in sin and not being pastored. My husband spent the last 12 years of his life as a pastor shepherd. He still had a interest in theology and of course his sermons were very deep but he shifted his focus to the needs of the people. His theology came out in his teaching but hislove for people was put ahead of his love for knowledge

  3. Michael Reed

    This has been missing for some time and needs to change. Theology is so shallow right now and that results in sinful living. Theology won’t eliminate sin as we see with the sinful corruption in the catholic church which by the way has always had a place for the pastor theologian but it will help to reduce it. This will address the issue Erma mentioned with the pastor need in to do pastoral duties.

  4. James

    I don’t see why it can’t be both. A pastor should have good theology and if he does or if he doesn’t comes across in his preaching. He doesn’t need to be teaching a formal class in theology because his sermons should teach the church good theological ways to think about their faith. As far as being a part of the public conversation on theology I guess I don’t understand to what end? Is there new theology to be discovered or uncovered? No. There is no room for new theologies. Rather the task is to take the established theology in the confessions and preach scripture with an eye for the theological issues that arise out of the text. This sounds to me like plain old fashioned pastoring. Pastors shoild be content to rest in this high calling.

    • ajcerda

      James I think I agree with much of what you are saying. I know of many pastors who are not formally writing for journals or publishing and yet their preaching is profoundly theological and informed by a deep knowledge of theology. I also think there is a place for scholarly writing however. This is not to create new theologies but rather, to defend against current movements and communicate biblical theology in a contemporary manner. Due to evolving vocabularies and contextual changes in culture, the language of 100 years ago will not reach most people today. These cherished doctrines need to be re-communicated in such a way as to bring theology back to the masses and to the pulpit ministry.

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