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Book Review – The Story of Monasticism by Greg Peters


5 thoughts on “Book Review – The Story of Monasticism by Greg Peters

  1. Trej

    I didn’t get the email alert for this. I found it by coming directly here. Anyway I think monastic communities are somewhat problematic for protestants. Unless we want to give some up some doctrines which are key to Protestantism. Maybe you can explore this idea more within the confines of what it means to be both protestant and monastic. I don’t think I have an idea of what this looks like.

  2. Gerald

    The monastic tradition can and probably should be separated from Roman Catholicism in our minds. The church adopted this practice early on before there was a Roman church although Catholics would claim that the church then was the RC. That’s a discussion for another time I suppose but to this point, monastic communes and individuals predate the institutionalized church of Rome. As a separate topic we should consider the Biblical merits of monastic callings. I do not think that much of a case can be made on biblical grounds. That is why we have, for instance, books that spend a lot of time on the history and very little times on the biblical justification. To say that monasticism is Christian is to out a lot of stock in tradition and to somehow see it as authoritative. I’m not willing to go down that road.

  3. J. Messoline

    Actually Gerald you can’t separate the fruit of the Church from the Church itself. Protestants try this trick all the time. Take for example scripture. We gave you the scripture and yet Protestants always speak as if it were recieved from God apart from the Holy Church. In the same way monasticism is from us. You can take and pervert it any way you like but in the end it has its foundation in the holy apostolic Church and that is Catholic.

  4. Gerald

    I think we can separate them. The Catholic church today is not the same as the unified church of the first two centuries. The universal church remains in tact but it now exists in various forms. To claim that the current manifestation of the Roman church is the same as the early church is silly. Silly and arrogant.

  5. J. Messoline

    How is it not the same? Sure there have been schisms but those are groups leaving the Church. Scripture even says “I believe in one Catholic Church” so there is one Catholic Church. My point is that monasticism belongs to the Church so it belongs to the Catholic Church.

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