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Book Review – Understanding Prophecy by Alan S. Bandy & Benjamin L. Merkle


6 thoughts on “Book Review – Understanding Prophecy by Alan S. Bandy & Benjamin L. Merkle

  1. Marla

    What a wonderful topic! I’m always struggling to understand how it all fits together. And you’re right. It always seems like explanations have that awkward moment when it no longer makes sense to continue down that path so they throw something strange in there like the church in heaven while Israel is on earth and then after Jesus reigns for 1000 years (a long time!!) sin is reintroduced to us? If this book avoids those tragic pitfalls I’m buying it!

  2. Larry

    This is something I have been wanting for a while. I need this book. Badly. Thanks Aaron

  3. I have a huge problem with the way people understand prophecy today. People just pull garbage out of no where and think because they can imagine it that must be what it means. I read this book myself a few weeks ago and I think they are right. The key to understanding prophecy is a Biblical Theological approach.

  4. I am doing a bible study this year on Revelation and I think I may need to get this book.

  5. Byron

    Are dogmatics without value then? What place so the authors give to systematically ordering doctrine so as to create a cohesive body of doctrine? Do they, like other Biblical Theologians see a discontinuity between various authors?

    • Byron, these authors are conservative and understand that there is one ultimate author to scripture- so they do see continuity between authors. Biblical theology by itself is not enough, but it is useful in establishing doctrine and even (I would add) in formulating responsible dogmatics.

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