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Book Review – You’re Lying! by Lena Sisco



6 thoughts on “Book Review – You’re Lying! by Lena Sisco

  1. Kelvin

    I’m with you Aaron. I totally get into this sort of thing. Looks like a good book. I’m putting it on my list. I should get to it this month.

    • ajcerda

      Buy it Kelvin. If you like this sort of thing you will love this book!

  2. This looks awesome Aaron and not the same kind of book you used to do Joseph says he has a lof of friends who do this he used do some CI Looks like a fun book!

    • ajcerda

      Rena I think I remember Joseph talking about this. He has done so much!

  3. John Mason

    I love this review AJ! I have also always had an interest in this because I have so many brothers and as the middle child was always blamed by the older AND the younger ones. Hey, do you know if this works on dogs? Someone made a mess of the kibble this morning. The only ones in my apartment are me and Hugo but he just gives me a sideways glance and pretends to not understand before resting his head on my knee and wagging his tail.

    • ajcerda

      John, I’m sure the same general principles apply to animals but with a different set of behavioral tells. That said, if you are quite certain that you are not the one who got into the kibble I would be fairly confident in considering Hugo your top suspect. Just sayin’….

      What kind of dog is Hugo?

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