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Bringing the Harvest to the Laborers


I absolutely love this post by Michael Horton. This is something that I have been thinking about for a few years now. For the past few decades, Christians in America have been more concerned with the so called “culture wars” than we are with our Lord’s great commission. We are not praying to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers; much less going out ourselves. The result, as seen in post-Christian culture surrounding us, is that the Lord is bringing the harvest to us.  We can’t escape God’s plan to bring people to himself- just ask Jonah. I especially appreciate the quote by Augustine as it is what started me along this thought process a few years ago. It sounds like Horton’s book, Beyond Culture Wars may be next on my reading list!

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9 thoughts on “Bringing the Harvest to the Laborers

  1. Ray Hernandez

    What an interesting concept! I am fairly engaged in the culture wars myself and I don’t see it as incompatible with the Bible. In fact I see it as our obligation. But I think you may be right about maybe elevating it higher than the more important things. Can you give me some examples of what you may be thinking? How has God brought it to us? Interesting thoughts.

  2. James Campbell

    Isn’t Horton an amil 2Kingdom guy?

    • ajcerda

      Yes. Which would explain why I’m always agreeing with him!

  3. James Campbell


  4. James I have known Aaron for a long time and as long as I can remember he has been AM2K. In fact I think that was the second thing he said after, ” Hi, I’m Aaron” then ” I’m amil 2 K”.

    I tried to convert him to PostMil for the longest time until I finally realized that it was fruitless and so I converted to Amil instead.

    • ajcerda

      Ryan I think it went something like this:

      A: Hey what are you reading there?
      R: Liberating the Nations by..
      A: Yeah, I’m more of an Amillennial Two Kingdom guy.
      R: What about the cultural mandate?
      A: Yeah…what verse was that?
      R: . . .
      A: . . .?
      R: Who are you?
      A: I’m Aaron and I’ll be your supervisor. Welcome.
      R: . . .
      A: . . .?
      R: I should probably put my book down and answer some phones.
      A: *nods*

      • Ryan Smith

        That sounds right. I remember thinking first day out of training and I’m getting fired by some two kingdom guy.

  5. James Campbell

    okay I should man enough to admit that I don’t know anything about Amil or 2 Kingdom so I will 🙂 But my pastor is always bashing it so I do too. That sounds awful. Really I do like to think for myself. At least I think I do. Maybe I take a lot for granted. What’s a good intro to Two Kingdom thought?

    • ajcerda

      James, No harm done. We are allowed to disagree. As far as reading material Augustine’s City of God, Luther, Calvin, or any other reformed writer prior to 1900.

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