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Video The Catholic View of Justification – Part 1

I am not sure if this will generate any discussion or not, but given the recent discussion in the comments of an unrelated post, I wanted to move the discussion on Roman Catholicism to a post which is more or less about the issues we ended up discussing. It may be that all has been said that needs to be said. If that is the case then this video will still be helpful.

I appreciate Dr. Sproul’s desire for honesty and for keeping focused on the key issues that divide Catholics and Protestants. Unlike some other apologists, he appears to have done some legitimate study on the issues and does not rely upon hearsay when critiquing Catholicism. As far as I can tell he has fairly represented both sides. That said this is obviously from a Protestant perspective so the infrequent jabs at Catholicism should be understood in that light.

I don’t want to spend too much time introducing the video so here it is. I would appreciate if my Catholic friends would give their honest opinion. Do you think that Sproul did an honest job representing the RC positions? If not, can you show where the official teaching of the church contradicts what Sproul says? I am operating under the assumption that he has done his research well because he usually does.  I’ll post part two of the section on justification tomorrow.

Matthew 22:37-39

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