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Changes on the Horizon


Hello friends,

When I started this blog in 2006 (originally called Teleia Philia after Aristotle’s treatise on Friendship in his Nicomachean Ethics) I had no idea what to expect. It was, in its original form, just a place for me to jot down a few random thoughts. I had always enjoyed journaling but the process of writing, erasing, and re-writing with pencil and paper was just too laborious for all of the writing I wanted to do. The internet age changed a lot of things and made the process easier. So I took to the internet in order to simply get some things off my mind.

In 2007, as many of you know, I become sick with a neuromuscular disease and my writing started to pick up as I wrestled with uncertainty: Would I be dead in a few years? What does it mean to suffer as a Christian? How do I balance work, ministry, family, and friendships with pain and suffering? This was the first change that occurred to the blog as my writing became more and more focused on the question of theodicy. Many of you found this site at that time and your constant encouragement was a blessing.

As I began to settle into my new life, I began to write less often until I eventually stopped writing altogether for a time. Between December 2010 and January 2013 I wrote absolutely nothing. Life continued to happen at a fast rate but I wasn’t writing. During this silent period Jami and I had a few more children, lost a few in miscarriage, planted a church, and continued to grow in our love for one another. I was silent. . . but life certainly wasn’t!

Then, in January 2013 I decided to import all my blog posts to a new domain ( and pick up where I had left off. My intention was for this to be a family blog so in which I (the ‘a’) and Jami (the ‘j’) would keep an online journal of our life together and with our children. I didn’t write much at all during this time, and eventually I just started using the site for my own personal aggregation site where I kept an ongoing archive of news articles and blog posts that interested me. It was my own personal news aggregation site. To my surprise, some of my posts began receiving comments again and I discovered that there was a certain subset of the population which found themselves interested in the same posts I was re-blogging.

In order to pay for my reading habit, I applied to be a book reviewer with a few publishing companies and as a result, I am now reviewing about one book a week. Through all of this more of you have found this site and it is starting to take on a more pronounced form. Many of you have been with me from the beginning and some of you are just now stopping by for the first time. I am grateful for each of you and appreciate the interaction we have in the comments of the posts.

Staying true to form, another change is looming on the horizon and I am very excited about this . . . my lovely bride of 17 1/2 years will be joining me as a co-author of this blog! Jami will be jumping right into it with a review of Trim Healthy Mama Plan, the new book (released yesterday) which is a follow-up book (easier to follow) to Trim Healthy Mama which focusses on the menu planning aspect of the plan. Look for this soon.  In addition to an occasional book review she will also be contributing original content as her schedule permits.

I am excited for this change to and am looking forward to seeing her use her gifts. Jami will no doubt add a new dimension to the site as she speaks (writes) into the lives of our female readers. Look for her contributions soon and in the meantime, visit her author profile here.

As we continue to work through what this will all look like, you will notice a few changes to the look and feel of our website. I want to thank you in advance for your patience. This is good news because I am sure she will make the sight easier on the eyes! We are looking forward to serving you together as a team.


11 thoughts on “Changes on the Horizon

  1. Oh my goodness yay!!!! Jami​​ are you going to move youre old blog posts to the website too ? They helped me soooo much throu my own miscarriages!!! Oh yay! I noticed your followers growing and growing and growing Aaron and I’m sure this is gonna speak to even more people especially ladies yay!!!

    • Jami

      I will look back and see what might be worth reposting. There wasn’t much there!

  2. Well this can only improve an already incredible site. Welcome Jami! I am excited and by the way you are every bit as beautiful as I imagined!

    • Jami

      Awww, thanks Marie!

  3. Joseph

    Good move Aaron. Good move.

  4. Lenette

    All I can say is that I am excited for this. No offense Aaron but this site needs a woman’s perspective and as a reader who just happened upon your blog “by chance” and have since been blessed by your ministry I am looking forward to growing more with her on board.

  5. Ryan

    And some of us used to work for you (Joseph, Randy, Jen, Rena) and were discipled by you (at least Joseph and I) under the oak trees when life was falling apart for us. Don’t forget that part! I am sure this is a good change as long as you don’t select a floral theme. I might know a friend who can create a logo for the site if you want.

  6. I used to read this when you were just finding out you were sick Aaron. Wasn’t a christen then.Come back years later and you still here and I have been going to church for over a year. Funny how things all come back together. I’m very excited to read a christian woman’s perspective.

  7. Silas Yoder

    I ministered with my wife for 27 years in our church to young families struggling to figure out home life until she passed away 6 years ago. We saw many young families through sickness, loss, and sin among other things. I see what you are doing as very similar. Relish these days.

  8. Marla

    How exciting!

  9. Raymond Holt

    Some of my favorite blogs are ones that have been co-authored by husband and wife teams. There aren’t a lot out there but I always enjoy them.

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