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  1. Aaron, I have enjoyed reading your reviews, and your comments to other readers. How do you chose the books you review?
    At the age of 77 and a caregiver for my husband for ten years, and writing for twenty-five years, I have just published four of my Christian non-fiction books about the grace and glory of our God.
    The first book First Things That Last forever, an introduction to the series Little Books About the Magnitude of GOD is a free eBook on Amazon. All are an hour or less to read.
    Would you be interested in reviewing any of these? I would be glad to send you a PDF of either or all of these. I would value your opinion of my work, profits designated for missions and charity.
    Thank you for a response.
    In His Grace ~ Fran Rogers

    • Hello Mrs. Rogers, I sent a reply to the email address you left.

  2. Dear Aaron,
    My email database is not working, so I am contacting you here ~ just in touch to see how you are doing. I haven’t seen any activity here for a while. Can you reply by email so that I have your address again? Thank you.
    I pray the Lord is blessing you and your family during this season.
    In His grace ~ Fran

    • Hello Fran! I sent you an email. I am looking forward to catching up!

    • Hello Fran, I tried to contact you by email but haven’t heard back so I’m praying everything is okay. I’m planning on posting my review today.

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