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Some Encouragement For Us Moms


Hi friends. I hope to do a baby introduction post soon… Right now I’m in the “wow, I was really exhausted the last 9+ months and everything fell apart” recovery phase. This blog post from Generation Cedar was in my inbox recently though, and I think it’s worth sharing. I loved this part;

Frankly, much of our work is the repetitious bringing order out of chaos. It’s not glamorous. But our contentment in the mundane speaks to those around us of our willingness to wash feet alongside our Savior.

Click on over to read the rest. Be blessed!

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7 thoughts on “Some Encouragement For Us Moms

  1. Hiya Jamiiii!! You dont know how much I needed this today so thank you!!!!

  2. Brittany

    Such a good article! I love the quote you included! “making order out of Chaos”… that’s almost poetic! If I view my job as making order out of chaos it appeals to my artistic side. Taking something disorganized giving it form and loveliness. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Lorre

    “Joy comes from dying to self” Amen tons and tons of times over!

  4. Lenette

    Thank you dear Jami. How is the little baby? I forget was it a boyster or girl? How many do you have? Blessings.

    • Jami

      Hi Lenette! Our little girl is doing wonderfully. She is #8 for us. Should get some pictures up soon!

  5. Tameka Harford

    I shut down doing anything the world calls noteworthy when I got pregnant with my first baby. I was a single mom and had big dreams. I know things were gonna be different but once I met my baby, this mama was committed to one thing. Making sure my baby not only knowed Jesus but obeyed him too. Yeah it’s mundane but God be glorified when we just committed to doin right by him. I got faithful and He got glory. That’s alright by me. Got a good husband now who loves Jesus and makes my life excitin in other ways too. Thats just icing on the cupcake. I couldn’t be happier.

  6. Jami I don’t know why but I thought I commented on this! Congratulations hot mama and that link was amazing!

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