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Exposing the Sin of Others


By now most people have heard the news of Tullian Tchividjian and his sin which caused him to step down from the pulpit at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. My intent today is not to rehash the details of his sin. I feel that we already know all that we need to know, and if Tullian and his wife Kim want more details to be known it is up to them to release those details. All we need to know is that it appears that both have sinned against their marriage and against God, and that appropriate steps are being taken. I pray for reconciliation between them  by the power of the one who has made reconciliation between God and his children.

RJ Grunewald wrote a very good post today about what our response what our response should be using the story of Noah and his drunken nakedness. If you recall, one son (Ham) saw his father’s shame and immediately went out to expose Noah’s shame to others; to his brothers. When his brothers heard of their father’s shame they did not rise up to expose his shame, but took steps to cover his shame and were blessed for it.

I’m not suggesting that we turn a blind eye to what has happened. It was sin. Neither am I suggesting that there be no consequences; scripture is not silent on what qualifies and disqualifies a man from church leadership.  What I am suggesting is what Grunewald was pointing out in his post today. We have a sordid fascination with the sins of others- especially when someone falls from a powerful position. We must resist the temptation to feed that fascination with other peoples sins by exposing their shame to others. This is the power of self-righteousness at work within us. It clings so closely to us because we trust in ourselves too much. We have a disordered desire to point out the sins of others with glee as we tirelessly expend all the energy we have to hide our own sins. Tchividijian is in the public eye and like it or not this means that his sin is more visible and will be known to a lot of people. He is exposed right now, and we have a choice to run out from the tent and try to gather as many people as possible to gaze at his nakedness, or we can do the honorable thing and let those who are charged with the details work them out.

I am sure more details will emerge in coming days and if there is more to the story than we already know those details will inevitability arise. But at this point there is no reason to believe that there is more for us to know than what we already know. Pray for Tullian and Kim. Pray for repentance where it is needed and healing. Pray also for your own heart that you may not become overly fascinated with the sins of others but will see them as sinners like you and I in need of the profound grace of God.

9 thoughts on “Exposing the Sin of Others

  1. Phil

    This is what I feared would come from the hyper grace crowd. How can we expect anything else? If you teach that sin doesn’t matter then you fall into sin and the message is shot.

  2. Good points. I’m still in shock and heartbroken. But he needs grace. We all do. As long as he is repentant he should be given grace. Still consequences but grace needs to be strong.

  3. Todd

    inb4 antinomian

  4. Jeremy O

    I’m with Phil. All I have herd coming from Tulians mouth is rehashed antinomian garbage. We all knew this was coming and whatever happens is just deserts

  5. Ryan

    Phil please check your facts. Tullian has never said it is okay to live in sin. He simply says we can’t merit God’s favor or disfavor if we belong to him. When he talks about being free to sin that is not an encouragement to sin but a fact that we are not enslaved to the curse of sin. We all sin. The diff. is that when believers sin it doesn’t earn disfavor as it would for someone without Christ imputed to them. Fact check. Then speak. Not the other way around.

  6. Steven R.

    Aww.. Phill. Have you been reading the Gospel Coalition again? Can you actually name one instance where TT or any other so called “hyper grace” people have said that sin doesn’t matter? Let’s not take our fear of grace and interpret it as willful disobedience. Leave that to the gossipers and slanderers.

  7. Phil

    Wow. I feel like I’m being called out but since I didn’t use my last name I feel pretty safe. I hope I am . Honestly guys I don’t know enough about him so I probably shouldn’t have said anything. Just things I have heard. He gets thrown in there with those who say “sin all you want it doesn’t matter because God forgives you”

  8. Todd

    Haha! How did I know that someone would hurl the “antinomian” insult 9 minutes before they did? Because they ALWAYS hide behind the word when they don’t want to come to grips that God’s grace means their efforts count for nil. If Christ really finished the work on calvary and promised to complete the ongoing work of sanctification in us then there is no room left for boasting. None. Period. Jeremy O, Please define antinomian for us then demonstrate how Tullian is an antinomian. Don’t make up your own definition either. This is a real word with a real definition. Actually let me do it for you:

    The word antinomianism comes from two Greek words, anti, meaning “against”; and nomos, meaning “law.” Antinomianism means “against the law.” Theologically, antinomianism is the belief that there are no moral laws God expects Christians to obey. Antinomianism takes a biblical teaching to an unbiblical conclusion. The biblical teaching is that Christians are not required to observe the Old Testament Law as a means of salvation. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, He fulfilled the Old Testament Law (Romans 10:4; Galatians 3:23-25; Ephesians 2:15). The unbiblical conclusion is that there is no moral law God expects Christians to obey.

    Read more:

    Alrighty. So Jeremy O please provide evidence that Tchividjian teaches that God does not expect us to obey any moral laws.

  9. Carolyn M

    What a sad happening. But we must remember that grace is true even if people who get it sin and sin big. Have you read the GTY post about hypergrace? It seems off a bit. MacArthur is usually good so it surprised me. Can you respond to that post here? I don’t see where you have. ~Carolyn

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