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Federal Vision Primer


A number of years ago R. Scott Clark posted this intro to Federal Vision and then reposted it in 2013. This remains just as critical today as it was then. If you are not familiar with FV theology it’s possible that you may have adopted some of their beliefs along the way. This is, as Clark points out, especially true of those who are relatively new to reformed theology. One of the key doctrines which most of the FV proponents have rejected is the imputation of Christ’s active obedience. This has led to a number of false ideas about our personal righteousness which I try to address often on this blog. Another serious error is the combining of the covenants into just one covenant of grace. Both of these have serious theological consequences. Whether you are well aquainted with FV or just now hearing about it, you will find this post beneficial.

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3 thoughts on “Federal Vision Primer

  1. Oooh that was interesting Joseph says he likes Scott Clark alot so I read it and it kind of sounds like what they are teaching here in Russia but here they are not reformed but are catholic and eastern

  2. Ryan

    I remember when you wanted me about these folks a number of years ago. You are right. It has an appeal to it but is dangerous!

  3. Brenda

    We attended a church many years ago that was teaching this. It had to have been around 1990 or so. Our church ended up separating from the OPC and joining the CRCNA. Sad.

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