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Fighting the Law

Fighting the Law

I’m not familiar with this author yet, but it is exciting to witness a man whose vision is starting to clear regarding the law and gospel.

Paul tells Timothy that the law is good if used lawfully (1 Timothy 1:8). In the same passage he tells us that certain persons have swerved from love issued from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. The result is that they have wandered into vain discussions. They desire to be teachers of the law, but in reality they don’t  understand what they are saying or the things about which they make confident assertions (1:5-7).

What does Paul urge Timothy to charge these people with in verse 3? Teaching a different doctrine.

I’m excited for the author (Mark Galli) as he begins his journey from fighting the law to delighting in God’s law. At the same time, I pray for him that he will stand firm and use it lawfully. Read: I Fought the Law

2 thoughts on “Fighting the Law

  1. Chris Rudy

    This explains a lot to me. I’ve been on this same journey myself. This helps me to understand what you said in your ‘About’ page. Good stuff. Good for the soul.

  2. Joseph

    My journey was the opposite I would say. For me the law was something that I could use to manipulate God and others into thinking I was a good guy. Then maybe the would like me if I could do that. It was probably instilled in me by my military upbringing and then reinforced when I joined the Marines myself. Discipline has always been the measure of my worth. Thank God he ripped that one out from under me!

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