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Food Snobs and Moralism


Over at The Blazing Center, Stephen Altrogge wrote an extraordinary piece on how we can unintentionally allow fad diets to become a mark of our spirituality. This is something that I have noticed ever since the Atkins Diet was popular at the end of my college days. I’m sure the issue existed well before Atkins, but I was simply unaware until then. The funny thing is, as Altrogge points out, we used to put just about anything in our mouths! I would only add that in the days of real butter, lard, and other unhip ingredients people were still in much better shape than we are today with the low card, organic, alternative oil movement. This suggests perhaps that the issue we have is not our diet, but slothfulness; and this is something which scripture warns against in both the Old and New Testaments.

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3 thoughts on “Food Snobs and Moralism

  1. Jakob

    Oh this is a gem! Can anyone say THM?

  2. Gary

    The issue is as he points out we try to make this a matter of morality. I see this all the time at our church potlucks. One crowd looks down on the other for not bringing organic food and sees their ability to eat naturally as a sign that God has blessed their family. They thank God that they are not like those other people who can only afford standard food. When the regular folk say they can’t afford organic they reply with a self righteous “I can’t afford to NOT eat this way. Cancer is expensive. Pay for it now or pay for it later”. Instead they should have Christian compassion on those less fortunate and maybe help them pay a bull or two if they are so elite.

    All the while the poor ol’ regular folk are snickering at the more privileged ones for eating straw and seed and not enjoying the finer things in life like burgers and fries. Both sides view their habits as a sign of superiority. Meanwhile, the poor go hungry, the refined eat their soy burgers and the rough crowd swallow a steakhouse sandwich. And the poor still go hungry.

  3. This does cut two ways ya know. Where I’m from if you don’t eat ribs, chicken, or meatloaf every day you might as well fly a Yankee flag and wear a rainbow!

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