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Freed From the Law – A Sermon by R.C. Sproul


If you find yourself unable to make it to church today, here is a great alternative. R.C. Sproul unpacks the first seven verses of Romans 7 to show how we, in Christ, are freed from the law. Freed From the Law – R.C. Sproul

8 thoughts on “Freed From the Law – A Sermon by R.C. Sproul

  1. Anonymous

    Sir you are an antinomian and a lawless wolf. You are devouring the Church of Christ! You say that we are freed from the law and by saying that prove yourself to be a law breaker and an antichrist. Nowhere does God give us the option to not obey the law. You are leading whole households astray and oppose the truth.


      Anonymous, Thank you so much for your deep concern for truth and God’s standard of righteousness. The truth is, you are right. Every time I sin against God I prove myself to be antinomian and lawless. The working out of antinomian is sin because sin is denying God’s law. But isn’t this what makes the gospel of Christ so glorious my dear brother (or sister)! Christ bore God’s wrath which I earned by my repugnant antinomian lawlessness and in exchage gave me HIS righteous robes. As a result I am now free to obey God’s law which I was unable to do when I didn’t see myself as lawless. I am curious which part of R.C. Sproul’s sermon you believe to be antinomian. I didn’t hear anything to suggest that. In fact, throughout the entire sermon he rightfully upheld and affirmed the lawful use of the law. To the charge of lawlessness I freely confess- every sin I commit is lawlesness. But I don’t want anyone to think that Sproul is teaching antinomianism. I didn’t hear anything to suggest that at all. I pray that we can have a meaningful conversation on this. Pray for this lawless brother of yours.

    • Joseph

      Anonymous you are out of line. You are hiding behind your anonymity which tells me that you don’t have the credibility to call his character into question. Do you even know him? It’s obvious that you don’t.

  2. Robert Moralez

    This sermon has answered all the questions I had about
    this subject and didn’t know who to ask.Thank you for posting it!

  3. Anonymous

    No Sir, it’s you who are out of line for opposing the gospel of Christ. By his own admission he is a lawless antinomian. What further evidence do you require? Whether or not I know him has nothing to do with false teaching and heresy I suggest that you improve your logic and reasoning skills sir. As to my credibility I stand by my faithfulness to scripture and it is my witness on my behalf. As to my anonymity I reserve the right to reveal my personal information or not to.


    Perhaps my earlier response was too ambiguous. When I say that I am lawless and antinomian, I’m not saying that I agree that lawlessness is good and that antinomianism is the proper use of the law. What I am saying is when I sin, when we all sin, we are lawless because we disregard God’s law. When I sin and when we all sin, I am acting as an antinomian because by sinning I have cast off the law as not needing to be obeyed. This does not make either of these good things. It is however the human condition and we are all infected with this.

    The point of R.C. Sproul saying that we are freed from the law is not that we are freed from having to obey it- we never are. But we are freed from the condemnation and the dread which the law brings upon us.

    When I sin I am freed from the penalty of the law because Christ has taken that upon Himself. Being freed from the penalty of the law I am now freed to delight in it because I am now able to finally embrace God’s law and when I fail, I have the confidence of being in a sonship/Father relationship which doesn’t condemn me.

    That’s it. Nothing more complicated than that.

    • Joseph

      No you weren’t ambiguous at all Aaron. I think anyone with the reasoning skills of a sixteen year old would have understood what you were saying. “Anonymous” is blinded by his pride and desire to win an argument more than he wants to uphold truth. There is no telling what he might compromise in order to be right in his own eyes.

  5. Paul Kimber (Reverend Paul)

    It’s quite simple Anonymous. Listen to the Sproul sermon. I don’t see anything wrong with ajcerda’s comments about being a lawbreaker. We all are. You are also a lawbreaker and antinomian in practice. We all are when we break God’s law as has already been said. It’s clear from this post and others here that the author does not believe or teach antinomianism.

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