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Friendships that Encourage


I love this. These are the kind of friendships I am praying for.

As sisters in Christ, we shouldn’t judge one another for our child’s behavior or sin, we view it as an opportunity to serve and love one another.

Read the post here at the better mom.

~ J

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12 thoughts on “Friendships that Encourage

  1. Oh Jami I love this link! I haven’t seen that blog yet. It looks so good!

  2. Zowie! That hit me between the eyeballs. Just yesterday at church a friend came to me and said my daughter (5 years old) smarted back to her when she asked her to not pound on the church piano keys and I was trying my best to keep a good Christian smile while nodding and thinking about how to get around inviting her to the tea I’m hosting at my house this week. Been thinking about it all day and it was just brewing! This was so good. I need to apologize to her and rethink some things. Maybe she is a better friend than I gave her credit for. She told me so patiently and sweetly. To paraphrase David in one of his Psalms “a guilty conscience sucks”

    • Jami

      I ‘m so glad you found this helpful! This is something that is difficult for all of us!

  3. Richard

    We learned this lesson many years ago. Unfortunately those around us didn’t learn it as quickly and we were seen as divisive. In hindsight we probably should have delivered news to people a little more gently. If you should take up this task, which I think you should, tread softly.This is “fightin’ words” as we used to call them. Everyone needs to be on the same page and even then you discover those that think they are may not be. Many prays to all beginning this path. You will grow faster than ever before but you will get your feelings hurt.

  4. Meghan

    Perfectly timed. I agree with Marla. *broken*

  5. Lenette

    Yes. This is the kind of friendship we long for right? Someone to say the hard things that no one else will becuase they love us and want the best. Somebody who when saying the hard things isn’t judging us but saying I am a sinner too and need help as well.

    • Jami

      Yes! You summarized it perfectly.

  6. Oh yaaaay! Pefect post to start off Jami I love it! I am really really bad at receiving constructive feedback and always get so mad inside like Marla said but oh boy do I need to get better!

  7. We tried this at my church a number of years ago. Chaos ensued. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. It’s not. But our timing was bad. I just took over for a very popular minister with the congregation. They didn’t want him to retire. Then along came this young guy with a bushy beard and I tried pulling this after just seven months. It’s a wonder I survived ministry at all much less this church!

    • Jami

      It sounds like you have wisdom worth sharing. I have seen glimpses of why this would not be best to implement church wide. One big observation for me since becoming part of a smaller body is how we, as Christians, have embraced “individualism. ” We seem to forget we are a body and need each other. It saddens me and I am praying for change. I hope that as Aaron and I get to know different families better, we might be vulnerable enough to cultivate these types of friendships.

  8. I think you hit on the key here Jami. It is one on one. Friendships formed in which there is a mutual openness to being honest. We all want this to some extent if we really want to change and become more like Jesus. It’s just that we want it to happen between me and God. No one else to help me. But we also know that we can’t do it alone and need other believers and close friendships. In a church setting it starts by me being vonerable first and asking my friends what I need to change in me. Those one on one moments spread slowly but sanctification is slow.

  9. Rae Gallaher

    Oh count me in on this one sister! I am so quick to give others my “feedback”but so slow to take it from others. I want to change. So hard. I need to surround myself with girlfriends who will encourage this in me.

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