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Hope in Miscarriage


I read this post through tears this morning.  We have lost at least three babies through miscarriage.  (I plan to share more on this in the next week or two.)

My sisters in Christ,  even though we have experienced the sting of death, we do have hope. I pray this encourages you as it did me today.

Read: The Baby Given to Women Who Miscarry

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12 thoughts on “Hope in Miscarriage

  1. Oh Jami this made me cry and cry and cry. There is a baby who gives all grieving mamas hope. Thank you for this link and your example. I am facimg this again I think I am at least maybe soon. Its so hard to explain to the kids and why is mama crying again and where is my new brother or sister going and do you hurt and all these breaking my heart questons then the pain of loss and sadness and healing it just happens over and over for some of us. I cant wait to read your post on your experience.

    • Jami

      I am so sorry you are facing this again. I might be too. Just waiting for test results to see if this little one is growing. We haven’t told the children yet. Praying with you sweet friend.

  2. Jami this is so beautiful. I join in grieving with every body who has experienced this. Our God comforts us in ways nothing else can. And I have tried it all.

  3. Georgiann K.

    What a wonderful reminder!

  4. Lenette

    I remember these days. Yes they are dark days. I will prayer for you Jami and Serena. I am thankful that my fertile days are behind me. They were filled with so much sorrow. We never talked about this back then. Even today. But more so then. Pregnancy is supposed to be exciting but for many of us it is dreadful.

  5. Donald Tepper

    This was very good. My wife and I have experienced this a couple times. You think women don’t talk about this try talking man to man about it. Very awkward. I’m not a good writer but maybe Aaron can write about this topic from a man’s perspective. It would be good to hear from both on how it has affected your lives and spiritual journey.

  6. Jenny Freytag

    I loved this article Jami. I had my first last month. I’m almost healed physically but frail spiritually and emotionally. It hurts so much. I just don’t know how to cope. I am 22 and have always tried hard to obey Jesus. I saved my virginity for my husband and gave it to him in June on our wedding night. I got pregnant right away. We never even kissed!! Everyone told me God wpuld bless my womb for my purity and I was serious about purity and then this. I just don’t know anymore. But this post has helped me to see that there is something bigger than me. I just wish I could trust God again. It’s so hard. This is not how it is supposed to happen.

    • Jami

      Oh Jenny, I am so sorry. This is hard, and it hurts so deeply. But you are loved with an everlasting love – jer 31:3. God is faithful. My times of heartache has been some of my sweetest moments with God, although I didn’t see it that way at first. He truly does understand our pain. And, while our obedience matters, it doesn’t dictate God’s response to us. This is a good thing! When you’re ready, you might look through some of the posts on suffering and on the gospel. If you ever need to talk, feel free to send a message. I am praying for you!

  7. Jenny Freytag

    Thank you Jami. I really do believe but my faith is just so weak right now. I just feel so betrayed and I know in my head that everything is grace but I just feel in my heart that I should have it easier. I guess maybe that shows I don’t really believe enough that I can’t earn God’s favor. I read alot of the grave posts on here and I believe it but just so hard to feel it! I will send a message. I really need to know that I will be okay. It just hurts so much.

    • Jami

      I am praying for you Jenny. It’s okay that you are hurting and that you are questioning. When I am struggling, it helps me to be honest with myself and to pray it all out. Sometimes it feels hard to pray, but I always think of Jesus asking his disciples if they want to leave too, and Peter says, ” To who else would we go?” Hold fast to Jesus, and you will be okay.

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