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Human Error by R.C. Sproul Jr.


I really appreciate this podcast from R.C. Sproul Jr. today.

At the end of the day, we are not only human, but we are all only human. We should not be surprised when we act like it.

Such a good reminder! Head over to, listen to the podcast (or read the transcript as I did), and remind yourself of the marvelous grace we have in Christ. Then go and be gracious toward others.

Read, Human Error by R.C. Sproul Jr

3 thoughts on “Human Error by R.C. Sproul Jr.

  1. Joseph

    Okay so put into the context of Christian Living, when do we correct a fellow believer? I agree with the tone of what Sproul Jr. said here but sometimes a harsh word is needed. The problem though is with those who want to lord their righteousness over everyone and are hyper critical of everyone. Even those who are already broken


      You are right Joseph. There is a time for admonishing and even harsh rebuking. However, the law-driven Christian sees every sin as an opportunity for this when in fact he should be discerning between the proper use of the law and the proper use of the gospel. The law should be preached to those who refuse to repent and those who trust in their own righteousness to expose their inability and their need for salvation. But for those who are already broken and heavy-laden over their sin, they need the gospel- they need the good news because it is the good news which stirs up the grace within us to produce obedience. The law, as Paul says in Romans 6, is powerless to do this.

  2. Joseph

    Thank you. That clarifies. So would it be safe to say that a big part of the confusion isn’t about confronting a brother with God’s law but more about when to hit them with the law and when to embrace them with the gospel? So not understanding the right use of the law? But the law still regulates our behavior right? I would say it does.

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