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Issachar Eugene


Four weeks ago we added baby number seven to our home. Issachar Eugene was born roadside on August 8, 2013. This is how we greeted the midwives when we finally arrived at the birthing center.


Yes . . . that is a seat belt, and yes . . . . that is a newborn baby under Jami’s shirt.  Let me tell you of the events leading up to this snapshot.

I wake up at sometime around 3A.M. because Jami, who has been up all night laboring (unbeknownst to me) turned on the light to . . . well . . . get dressed to go have a baby. After clearing my head a bit, I realized what was going on so I took a shower to get ready to go. Jami’s contractions had been about ten minutes apart all night and just started to get to seven minutes apart. That didn’t last long. Pretty soon they were three minutes apart. I knew that we had to move fast-ish . . . but how fast-ish I wasn’t entirely clear on. That is, until Jami (on the phone with her midwife by now and on all fours on the floor) said something along the lines of, “we have to go  . . . now”. So off we went!

Jami’s father (Dennis) was planning on coming over to watch the children and her mother (Dawn) was going to come with us to observe the birth. Since they were not at our house yet, I called and said we were coming and we would meet them half way. A couple of minutes later we had Dawn in the van and were ready to go. Off we went to Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center to meet our little Issachar!

I could tell that Jami was uncomfortable and that we didn’t have much time. But I never expected to hear what I heard next. Barely audible at first, but clear enough for me to understand our time was up, “He’s Coming!”  The road to Bella Vie is not exactly where you want to pull over to have a baby. I started to pull over only to see a large drainage ditch on the side rather than a shoulder. I drove for about another one hundred yards and found a spot to pull over next to a corn field which allowed for us to be mostly out of the lane.

Once I came to a stop, I looked over to Jami only to see that Issachar’s head was completely out! Not crowning . . . completely out! I jumped out of the van as fast as I could and walked around to the passenger side to assist- but by the time I arrived, Jami was holding Issachar against her chest. So this is how Issachar was born and how he came to us.

Today, four weeks later, we have a very happy and content Issachar who remembers nothing of his dramatic entry into the world.




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