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J.D. Greear On Divorce


I feel the need to be abundantly clear on this: divorce is not the unforgivable sin. As a Christian, the only scarlet God sees on you is the blood of Christ, which covers your sins and presents you before God as his blameless child.

Source: I’m Divorced: How Does God See Me Now?

One thought on “J.D. Greear On Divorce

  1. Richard

    I have been divorced for a year now and you wouldn’t believe how many times I get shamed for it even though she left me for another man. Yes I was imperfect and failed at many things which I have taken to heart. But I was wanting to and trying to change long ago. Just not fast enough it turns out. This was a comfort to me. I know God does not take pleasure in my divorce but that doesn’t negate his pleasure with me through his son. I know it’s only been a year but I can’t bear the shame. I stopped going to church in March. There is no grace left in the church. No one is willing to associate with a divorced man. I stopped getting asked to people’s homes, I am no longer welcome in the marriage class, I am not welcomed in the singles class, and was taken from the list of ministry volunteers because a divorced man can not minister to others. I walk around with a constant feeling of being unclean. I could go to an Evangelical church and probably blend in and they would have a ministry for divorced men and welcome me in. But they would never speak of God’s holiness. So where is a man to go? The reformed churches in my town (I am Reformed) are either too liberal or too Evangelical except for the one I just left. The Evangelical churches embrace too much sin in an attempt to not offend anyone. Like I said they would have a place for me but are too loose with God’s commands. I feel the weight of condemnation but I trust in the God and that his grace is sufficient.

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