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Living Forever on This Earth:: A Clarifying Statement


It has recently come to my attention (by more than one person) that my last post ended in a confusing manner. I was surprised to hear this since none of the comments reflected this but I confess, it is worded a bit awkwardly.  I appreciate the feedback . I want feedback on whether or not something makes sense. This will, in the end, make me a better communicator. Which will enable to to more effectively share my faith.

If nothing else is clear about the nature of this world it is that something went terribly wrong.   If you subscribe to the belief that this world was designed by a designer, than you have to wonder what the designer’s original intent was. We know that life is sprinkled with both pleasure and  pain. So the question becomes, did God design this world for pleasure and something happened which introduced pain, or did God design this world for pain and something happened which introduced pleasure? Either way we have a lot of explaining to do. Either we live in a good world gone bad or we live in a bad world gone good.  The naturalist should have a difficult time explaining pleasure in a world in which violence and survival of the fittest is the only natural virtue. The bible says that God created this world and it was good. So God’s intention is to have us live forever on this good planet. That is how He began this endeavor and that is exactly how it will end. God intends for us to live forever on this planet and with our bodies… only without all the yucky stuff.

It is interesting that in Revelation 21 that we don’t see us ascending up to heaven. Instead, what we see is the restored Earth descending down to us (sans yucky stuff) . That means that we remain on this planet. Our eternal home is not some place up in the clouds. It is right here. Same geography, same look and feel, same homey feeling… just without blemish.

So that’s what I mean when I say that I want to live forever  on this Earth. The fact of the matter is we are going to do that. We will be immortal. Immortality is kind of hip right now. I can’t go anywhere without seeing somebody holding a Twilight book.  The cool thing is, immortality is not make believe. It is real.  It’s like Twilight without the blood diet and without all the giddy teenagers. Immortality on this Earth is what everyone wants. We have a certain longing for home.  God created us with that longing. It’s a longing for something homey but better than home. It’s a longing for Eden restored.

So in short- what I long for is what we all long for. We have a certain longing for home. We want immortality but we want it here- not in some far off place up in the sky somewhere.  Faith in Christ is the only thing which can offer Immortality on Earth. Human enterprise cannot promise it despite our best efforts. This is exactly how the story of the Bible ends. We get to come back home with the people we love and we get to do so in our own body. . . just without the yucky stuff.

3 thoughts on “Living Forever on This Earth:: A Clarifying Statement

  1. Hey man. I got the email saying there was a new post. That there technology stuff is pretty sweet!

    I understand this idea. When I used 2B a Jehovah’s Witness they would talk about living on earth forever. It was one of their sales pitches. I stopped believing that when I stopped believing in everything else.

    So I didn’t really thing it was confusing but that is becuase I have been taught this idea my whole life. Its them evangelicals who think that heaven is some weird place where you sit on your butt all day with a harp. I’m feelin’ you my friend.

  2. Hey so yeah. I’m starting to get it now. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this before but Ive never heard a preachin’ about heaven either so maybe its just too early for me to have heard this stuff. How can I know what your saying is true? My pastor always says to check it againts the bible so where does it say this because I’ve always always been told that when you die and go to heaven that it is somewhere in the sky. But Ive been told a lot of llies in my life. was that my nose you were talking about lookin’ funny?

    • The Revelation 21 passage seems pretty clear to me. We are on Earth and the new Jerusalem descends down to us. Also, in Isaiah 65(?) it speaks of new heavens and a new earth and that we will enjoy them forever. Many passages in both the Old testament and the New Testament refer to the earth as being eternal. I’ll have to provide more passages later when I have time. This is all I can think of right now. Kudos for asking the question! Always go back to your authority- which is the scriptures.

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