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Movie Review – The Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble


Movie Review – The Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble

Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble (2005)
Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble poster Rating: 6.2/10 (17 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Levi Bonilla, Kody Brown, Drew Dyer, Josh Garmon
Runtime: 65 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Adventure, Family
Released: 25 Oct 2005
Plot: This is the fifth film in The Sugar Creek Gang series. The Sugar Creek Gang suddenly becomes the opposite of teacher's pets when the new substitute, Mr. Black, comes to town. A wrongful accusation gets Bill into trouble with his parents and creates more questions in his head than answers. Why does Mr. Black keep taking pictures of people, who poisoned Mr. Black's beautiful horse, and will those beech switches in the classroom actually be used on the gang? How do a barn full of pigeons, a ladder, a new book, and a baseball game lead to a fire in the schoolhouse on Sunday afternoon? To find out, join the Sugar Creek Gang as they try to avoid trouble with the teacher! Look for the other films in the five part Sugar Creek Gang DVD series to complete your collection: Swamp Robber, The Great Canoe Fish, Revival Villains, and Secret Hideout!

The Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble” is the fifth movie in the modern adaptation of Paul Hutchen’s popular series of children’s books. The Sugar Creek Gang was a series of 36 books published between 1940 and 1970 published by Moody Press. Teacher Trouble is based off the 11th book in the series by the same name. These are books that I remember reading as a child and which my mother read in her childhood as well. The books tell of the escapades of six Christian boys (later seven) growing up in a small town in Indiana. The stories always involve strong dynamic characterization in which the boys undergo a significant moral transformation through ordinary life lessons. Fans of the original book series will notice a few changes in the characters. For instance, Bill’s sister Charlotte Ann is a young school age girl rather than an infant, and “Circus” (originally Dan Browne in the books) is now portrayed as a young girl and is now Dragonfly’s sister.  These changes add a unique dynamic to the movies not found in the original books.

In Teacher Trouble, the gang find themselves facing false accusations against them and have to navigate through a handful of ethical dilemmas such as whether or not to accuse who they suspect without evidence, whether or not to participate in making fun of others, and telling the truth when they know they will face discipline. The gang doesn’t always make the right decision, but when they (or an individual member) do make a wrong choice it is portrayed as being a foolish decision and the character(s) have a change of heart in the end. This is important to me as a father. All too often modern books and movies that are directed toward children allow the foolish characters to remain foolish. They simply don’t experience any sort of significant moral change. This almost always results in the foolish character being portrayed as the “fun” one and as a result, foolishness is portrayed as humorous, exciting, and expected.  Parents can rest in the knowledge that the movies maintain the same emphasis on right and wrong that was so common in Hutchen’s original works.

Overall I would recommend this movie for children of all ages. The story lines are not only helpful for character development but also exciting enough to keep the attention of our little ones. We sat down and watched this together as a family (two adults, seven children from 2 to 15, two cats and two dogs) and the movie was captivating enough to hold even the attention of our two year old (at least until the cat made a scene by escaping out of the window and then we lost him).

I received this movie for free from FishFlix in exchange for an honest review. This is a company that I really appreciate. If you are interested in connecting with a company from which to purchase Christian Movies FishFlix is one that you should give considerable weight to. They are a family owned company whose mission is to create honorable work in their hometown of Mora, Minnesota and to build the Kingdom of God in Turkey. The founder of FishFlix is a Turkish Christian and donates a portion of their revenue to Christian ministries in the Middle East. This fact coupled with the low prices and good selection make it a good option for those wanting good wholesome family entertainment.

12 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble

  1. Alice B

    This brings back memories from my childhood. They don’t make books like those anymore where kids talk plainly about Jesus with one another and encourage each other to do what is right. Books these days know nothing of edifying Christian friendships. I’m glad these are back.

    • I agree Alice. Edifying friendships are not common in books anymore.

  2. Ahmed

    This is good sounding company. I support ministries in Middle East. Praise God!

    • Ahmed remind me again where you’re from? I want to say Egypt.

  3. Greg

    Circus is a girl now??! I have to watch this. How was the acting? A lot of times these low budget films are on the silly side.

    • Greg, the acting is okay but yes… a bit cheesy at times. The girl who plays Circus does a good job.

  4. Louise Sedivec

    I have been looking for these books for years! I remember as a child waiting and waiting for the next book to come out. We’d save up all our money and buy the book together. I always was the last to read it because I was the youngest and because as the youngest I always contributed the least amount of money toward it. I vaguely remember this one. I’m almost afraid to watch the movie though. What if I hate it? The books are always better.

    • Louise, the books are better but the movies aren’t bad either. Keep that in mind while watching and you’ll enjoy it. As long as you aren’t expecting the movies to be better than the books the disappointment won’t be there.

  5. Aaron do they have this in Russian! I know the kiddos will like it they love movies but they don’t all know English yet!

    • Serena I don’t know if they have them in Russian. maybe subtitles?


    Extraordinary books! I read them to my children years ago and passed them on to my oldest. She is now reading them to her children.

  7. I just want movies that don’t try to mess with our kids morality!

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