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Recovering the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Paul Washer


This is a very good video on the gospel by Paul Washer. Notice his precise use of law and gospel. He uses the law to condemn and the gospel to give the message of life. I also appreciate his explanation of how the law cannot produce holiness- that’s the gospel’s job. I hope you are blessed by this.


7 thoughts on “Recovering the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Paul Washer

  1. Jeff Chrowl

    I’m wondering if he is confusing law and gospel to be honest. It sounds like he preaches the law and calls it gospel.

    • ajcerda

      Hello Jeff. I’m not so sure if he is confusing the two as much as he is including the law in the gospel. I think this is because he is an evangelist at heart and always includes the law in his evangelism. I believe that is the Biblical approach. But you are correct in noticing that something is slightly off kilter. If a were to change anything about his sermons it would be to draw a clear distinction between the law and gospel and Paul does in Romans. The law condemns. The gospel is the solution to the condemnation. That said I am okay with his preaching despite wishing he wouldn’t call the condemnation of the law gospel. The two are so joined together that they should not be separated in evangelism, but there is a biblical distinction that should be acknowledged.

  2. Lenette

    I have never heard a sermon like this before. For one it was dreadfully long but kept my attention. I’m not sure if I can explain what I felt or what I experienced but at some point I realized that I have come to believe something entirely different from what a did just a few weeks ago. There is something life giving in what thus young man said and what has been discussed in other places on this site. I am wrecked but feel like I am more alive than ever before. All because I read a dammed review of the Neuhaus book! He has always been one of my heros but you said something there I don’t remember what that made me keep reading. I’m going to look up more things by this Paul Washer guy.

    • ajcerda

      Lenette my heart is glad that you are seeing the gospel! I am saddened that it is the first time but God’s timing is perfect. I am praying for you.

  3. Wow. I am not familiar with this man but that was powerful!

  4. Pat F.

    I am a big fan of Paul Washer. He tells it like it is. That is rare these days. Most preachers preach what everyone wants to hear just to get an audience. Paul Washer sticks to the hard truths.

    • ajcerda

      I agree Pat. That said there are a lot of people who want to hear the hard things that he says but not the gospel. I have heard his sermons praised for their emphasis on the requirements of the law with a total disregard for his constant resolving of those in the gospel. Those are the ones he referred to in the message as saying that we should never say we have been freed from the law because that will make people sin. His reply to that was priceless because he pointed to the true fruit of conversion. In an interview of him by Tim Challies, he said that one of the unfortunate things about the popularity of his “shocking message” sermon on YouTube is that young preachers have heard it and believe that every sermon should be like that. He is aware that some have taken a liking to his tough preaching and want to do that all the time. There is a place for that kind of preaching but it must be done with fear and trembling. So yes, there are some with “itching ears” who only hear the law and not the gospel. For them his preaching is exactly what they want to hear in order to distort the gospel into something we do. But for the most part I agree. And I certainly don’t think he is pandering to the legalists like a lot of preachers pander to the entertainment oriented crowd.

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