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Spinal Tap


I had my lumbar puncture (AKA Spinal Tap) today. It was an odd sensation. Those of you who have had an epidural during child birth can relate. I’m sure it was the same odd sensation that you felt.

All in all, it went well. I am amazed at how God reveals Himself to us, even in something as small as a minor medical procedure. My pre-registration was conducted by one of my wife’s friends from church. This was evidence enough of God’s hand at work. Who other than our God would work on behalf of those who wait on Him (Isaiah 64.4). As if that weren’t enough, God also arranged things so that my transporter (the workers who transport you on the stretcher from one area of the hospital to another) also happened to be a gentleman from our church- in fact, he is in our Sunday school class. I am amazed and humbled to see God in the details. Thank you for all of your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Spinal Tap

  1. Denise

    I have had a epidural and a spinal block. Not fun by any means but at least with them you get pain meds delivered through it and numbness. I think in your case you probably didn’t. Not fun sounding to me. I really love to hear these neat ways that God works. And it all happens for just the right reason too. It will be neat to see how his hand plays out in all of this too, whether good or bad, and that is the way you look at I guess. Because we both know that with God, anything can be good if we just let him direct our emotions and if we trust him to do the best for us, even without seeing the end result or the why. We’re praying for you. Keep updating us.

  2. I had to have a spinal tap in high school because I had a disk pushing into my spine. So I know you’re still in pain from it. Your whole back is burning right? Man. I don’t envy you.

  3. Thanks Guys. I have my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll know more!

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