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Student in a School of Fools by R.C. Sproul Jr.


I really appreciated Sproul Jr’s perspective here. At times we can become so myopic that we forget that we can learn from brothers and sisters whom we don’t agree with. Read:¬†Student in a School of Fools

3 thoughts on “Student in a School of Fools by R.C. Sproul Jr.

  1. Dana Holt

    What surprises me is that he seemed to be full of grace instead of his usual full of sarcasm and arrogance.Maybe there is a side to him that I have never seen. Sad thing is I agree with him on the homeschool topic. More than I agree with Challies. But neither one of the men make a compelling case to listen to them because neither one can just be nice.

  2. Aric McCarthy

    I’m not much of a Sproul guy myself but I do like Sr. better than Jr. Junior is just too theonomic and Postmil for me. I’m a Luther influenced reformed amil Heidelgerb guy. Besides all that I thought this was a good post from him. Humble. I like the humble RCII better than the snooty one

  3. ajcerda

    I think his post shows that he will be the first to admit to being too focused on arguments and not enough on relationships. The way I see it, that’s his (self described) weakness. I have other ones. Both him and I need the same grace from the same God. As grace oriented people we must be the first to extend grace to others because we realize that God’s kindness is what led us to repentance.

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