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The Beautiful Mess of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful wife Jami and to my own mother. This video from MessyMiddle is really good and speaks to the entire range of emotions that women experience on this day. ┬áMostly it speaks to those who are in Christ and know the indescribable joy of being a daughter of God.


10 thoughts on “The Beautiful Mess of Mother’s Day

  1. RENA!!!

    oh my goodness this video made me cry and cry and cry juest thinking about all those babies I lost and then the blesings of my little Alex and the adoptions we are now blesed with but most of all of being a daughter of God and him being pleased with me or as Joseph says pleased with christ in me thank you so much for finding and posting this I love you guys and thank you for walking this road with me for so many years especialy you Jami!! Okay Bye! RENA!!!!

  2. RENA!!!

    oh and happy mothers day Jami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the video, super glad you guys found it helpful.


      Jimmy, your name links back to Aletheia. Were you a part of putting it together? If so, thank you!

  4. Marie Pizzi

    Oh wow! How good was this? So glad they are acknowledging the whole gamut of feelings. Rena I feel with you sister. We have lost a handful as well and are still waiting for adoption. Such a painful process. I’m praying with you.

  5. RENA!!!

    Awww how sweet Marie thank you for prayers!Im sorry about your loss i think you shuld talk to Jami! Shes lost some to and is aways an exampel to me in evrything! Im gonna pray for you too and you can write anytime juest get my email from Jami . Oh and sorry for my bad typing Joseph is my spell checker and hes trying to get the furnase fixed again! Okay bye! RENA!!!

    • Marie Pizzi

      Heehee! Rena you seem to be so cute! Um, who’s Jami? She sounds like a treasure but I don’t know who you are talking about or how to get ahold of her to get your email. And who’s Joseph and what’s wrong with your heater?

      • RENA!!!

        Oh I thought mabey you knew Jami sinse you are on this site but she is Aaron’s incredible wife and is juest kind and patient and sweet and always knows the rite advise. And Aaron is the one posting all the stuff here and they are such a big gift for Joseph and me. Both of us used to work for him but then we got saved and married and now are in Russia with orphans and snow. Oh! Joseph is my husband and he fixes things like heaters and my emotions and my spelling!

        Jami say hi to Marie!!!

        • Jami

          Hi Marie! Nice to “meet” you. We can send you Rena’s email to the email associated with your name, or you can send a message through the contact page. I love how God orchestrates meetings like this!

  6. Marie Pizzi

    Ok yeah. Send it to the email I use on my comments. I love how God does this too. How fun! Okay thanks Jami! You can email me too.

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