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The Catholic View of Justification – Part 2


Here is part 2 of the lecture series we started yesterday. Tomorrow we will examine the Protestant view of Justification. I have enjoyed the comments so far. Most of them. Please remember to keep your language clean.

5 thoughts on “The Catholic View of Justification – Part 2

  1. Hey may be that you may kno this but do the Catholics not the eastern but the rome catholics do they put jesus in a box like the eastern ones? He’s in a box at the front in the Orthodox litergy not all of him but somehow he’s in there but in other boxes too at other churches not just like pieces and also not all. I never understood it but maybe catholics romencatholics couldnexplain it better?

  2. Alvaro

    Good delineation of the differences by Sproul. I Pray for my friends and family. I know many are saved because even though they practice these things all their hope and trust is in Christ to save them. But so many are lost and condemned

  3. Greg Levin

    Another good one. It seems the more I learn the more I wonder what attracted me to it in the first place. There is a hard line in this video when it comes to the anathema. Either protestants are anathematized or Catholics are. I don’t see a middle ground

  4. Esther

    I have a Catholic friend.. I wonder if what this guy says is accurate. Are there any Catholics reading who can address that? When he says a lot of Western Catholic don’t teach all that Rome does that mean some western Catholics are okay? I dunno, i always thought of Catholics as hyper superstitious and as a result not very smart. I think the general perception of Catholics is much like that. Kind of superstitious and not very smart.

  5. Ryan

    So it’s not that Rome doesn’t believe that Faith is required but that faith is not sufficient to save. We have to add to faith with our good works and holiness. This is exactly what I was taught when I was catholic. Faith is very important to Catholics but not enough. We have to have real actual righteousness because the requirement is perfection and they don’t accept Christ ‘s perfection imputed to us.

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