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The Church and Women at Risk


Over at Key Life today, Lindsey Holcomb wrote a piece on how the Church should respond to the increasing tragedy of abuse against women. As a husband, a father of four girls, a brother to three sisters and a friend to many wonderful sisters in Christ ,  I am deeply interested in this topic. We should all be deeply interested in this topic.

Read: The Church and Women at Risk

3 thoughts on “The Church and Women at Risk

  1. Marie Pizzi

    Oh don’t get me started in this topic! As an adult I am struggling to carry a pregnancy because of abuse done to me when I was 10 to 14 that resulted in a pregnancy at 14, a miscarriage, D&C and Asherman’s Syndrome. And by a church leader no less! Why the church turns a blind eye to this I’ll never understand. Don’t get me wrong, I love the church but I also know that she too is a sinner who needs grace. Thanks for highlighting this topic. The church really does need to protect her vulnerable members.

  2. RENA!!!

    Hiya again Marie you have Ashermans? I have Ashermans!!!!!! I actually juest had a baby a year ago but there was juest one little spot it culd attach to and yup! God put him rite there where he was nice and cozy for a whole term! Only mines not relly from abuse but that hapened to me also but not by a churchy person but mine was from abortions. Joseph says not to go into too many details in public becuze I give too much detail sometimes but if you get that email from Jami I can give you some more if you want to hear my story but still not all the details becuas Joseph says I dont always know when to stop

  3. Marie Pizzi

    OMG yes I do! That is so unreal to connect with another person who has this issue without seeking them out. Wow. Planned by God I think. What are the odds? I’m so happy that you met Christ after having had abortions. I don’t know how it would be possible to cope apart from Christ. I wouldn’t be able to forgive my abuser apart from Christ. Christ is everything Rena! EVERYTHING!!! I’ll see if I can connect with Jami. She sounds sweet and most of all a love bug if she has accepted your past without conditions like it sounds. Awwww! I totally love you guys already!

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