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The Cure for Sinning is Another ‘Sin’

The Cure for Sinning

Here is a bit of gospel goodness for those seeking a cure for sinning by Pastor Matt Richard

Too often in our battle against sinning, we make the mistake of thinking that we can stop sinning simply by trying harder. But the scriptures tell us that the only remedy against sinning, is the gospel itself. That is, we need to look to Him who became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God.  Read this excerpt from Pastor Matt Richard and follow the link to read the sermon in its entirety.

Unfortunately, in our modern day and age, when a person acknowledges their infection of sin, the immediate temptation by many in the church is to lift up good works, ten-step programs, righteous endeavors, virtue, good works, and the like, as a solution or response to sin.  Let’s direct people to doing the opposite of sin, and things will be alright!  However, the answer to sin bitten persons is not to look to virtue, but rather it is to look to sin.  More specifically, to look to sin that has been lifted up not on a pole but upon a cross.

Now, did you just hear that?  Essentially, what was just said is that the Lord’s church should give a snake bitten person a snake on a bronze pole; she should present sinners with sin that is lifted up on a cross.

I wouldn’t blame you if you were a bit confused at this point in the sermon.  It certainly does sound odd to direct a sinner to look at sin lifted up on a cross! 

You Have Another ‘Sin’

via You Have Another ‘Sin’ That Devours, Damns, And Kills Your Sin | PM Notes.

Now, head on over to PM Notes and listen to (or read) the sermon.

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