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The Ordinary Pastor


In this episode of The Whitehorse Inn, Michael Horton continues his series on the sustainable church and examines the pressure often put on pastors to be “super pastors” rather than ordinary ministers of the word and sacraments.  His conclusion?

“What we need are ordinary shepherds who know and care for the sheep, and who faithfully lead them to the waters of life.”

So what are pastors to do? Know and understand what the calling of a pastor is, resist the temptation of wanting to be a celebrity pastor and focus on the ordinary task of feeding the flock.

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5 thoughts on “The Ordinary Pastor

  1. Jonathan

    I just made the switch from a church that has a celebrity pastor to a small church of less than 80. The pastor knows who I am. He knows my struggles, my story and my family all by name. I am never going back to a big church. Never.

    • ajcerda

      This is what it is about brother.

  2. Dahlia

    That sounds so refreshing! There was a time in my life when I was enthralled with celebrity pastors.Now I just want some body who will do just this. Give me oodles and oodles of the word and sacrament. That’s all I want from a pastor. Faithful service. But I go to a large church with a pastor who may not be a celebrity on the national stage but is set up as one in our church. Can someone please just give me the word?

    • ajcerda

      Honestly, I would say if none of the pastors have time to get to know the congregation then move on. I don’t believe a pastor can be effective if he is disconnected from the real struggles of the congregation. Not just the select few who have fantastically written testimonies they can use as sound bites. .. every congregant needs to be ministered to.

  3. Judah

    The days of large mega churches will soon be over. What’s more the days of the celebrity pastor will soon fade away into their worst nightmare of anonymity. these are for the most part men who love the spotlight and cannot stay away from their own fame. As persecution comesThe Church will be dispersed into smaller congregations with pastors who know the needs and the struggles and the joys of their people. You cannot be a shepherd if you do not know your flock. And people are looking for faithful men to lead not to entertain.

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