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The Protestant View of Justification


Today we look at the last of three lectures on the difference between the Roman  Catholic and Protestant views of justification. This lecture is on the Protestant view. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The Protestant View of Justification

  1. It seems so plain and obvius what can they possibly not see this? What do they see as so bad about believing in us being righteous because of Jesus? I’m so confused why would it be bad to believe that? Why such as huge reaction? I get it if a person is saying oh I can sin like this and do this and be bad all I want because God alreddy sees me as rightous but people don’t do that and say that but we are joyful because we never had hope to be perfect before and now we can be saved anyway.why is this so bad?

  2. Aimee Toups

    Simultaneously Righteous and Sinful. Praise God!

  3. Michael Byrd

    So is the Catholic view not able to see how we can have a foreign righteousness or are they trying to protect against antinomianism? I am hard pressed to see how we wouldn’t be like Abraham when he was counted as righteous by his faith even though he had sins still. He wasn’t truly righteous yet but was judged by God to be righteous by faith. Paul was using Abraham as an example of our own righteousness. I Just don’t see how you can’t see that.

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