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Theological Fragments – 01-06-16



Over at the Reformed Reader, Shane Lems wrote this timely article on the long standing distinction in Reformed theology between Law and Gospel. I appreciate his contribution to the dialogue because he clarifies that this is not something new, but is in fact the reformed position. We have come a long way (the wrong way) when talk of a law/gospel distinction is looked at with suspicion and perceived as a new an novel idea.

What’s going on with John Piper? Nobody seems to know. I really appreciate his ministry but he seems to have very little discernment with who he associates with. Perhaps he has a good reason. I haven’t heard it yet. Aimee Bryd (along with many others) seems to be confused about this as well. She wrote a very insightful article at Mortification of Spin in which her passion for women studying theology comes across in a very articulate way. I’m not surprised. I have come to expect this from her.

I missed this one last week. Nicholas T. Batzig wrote about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christ. You will want to read this. It’s good. It doesn’t hurt that he quoted one of my favorite Pastors (Sinclair Ferguson) but Batzig is an excellent communicator in his own right.

I love this article by Chris Gordon. This is a few months old but I seem to have missed it as well.  He gets to the heart of the matter on the ongoing sanctification debate. I agree with him completely when he says “the pastoral implications of this are being missed in the zeal to correct perceived antinomianism”. This is a great (GREAT) post. Read it. Please.

Ligonier linked to a R.C. Sproul lecture in which he unpacked Luther’s famous quote, “Simul Justus et Peccator”. Check it out. It even has video for those who are tired of reading.

Culture War

Meanwhile the YMCA has decided that it would be perfectly reasonable to allow men who self-identify as women to use the womens locker room. Locker rooms which incidentally are intended for women ages 15 and older. I’m not a prophet but I don’t think it will take long for pedophiles to figure out that all they need to do is tell the attendant that they feel like a lady and they will have full access to your daughters. Not mine. We will be avoiding the YMCA.

Kevin Washington wrote an article over at RAAN in which he encourages us to direct young men toward hope in God rather than professional sports. Well said Mr. Washington.

Christian Living

In case you didn’t like one of the Bible Reading Plans that I linked to last week, Kim Riddlebarger has also linked to a few including a couple which allow you to read through the reformed confessions.

Recommended Reading

I reviewed two books this week and both are with picking up.

Lay It Down by Bill Tell is a book about a minister’s discovery of grace and his journey in discovering that we have favor with God through Christ rather than our performance.

What The New Testament Authors Really Cared About is an undergraduate  text book which surveys the New Testament books in the context of the authors primary concerns. It is a good choice for first year Bible students, those new to reading scripture, or as a part of a  homeschool Bible curriculum.

If you are looking for some good books to read to young children start with R.C. Sproul’s childrens books: The Prince’s Poison Cup, The Donkey Who Carried a King, The Priest with Dirty Clothes, The Lightlings, The King Without a Shadow, and The Barber Who Wanted to Pray are all great books. These are great stories that teach rich doctrine in an easy to understand manner. The illustrations are all extraordinary examples of art.

7 thoughts on “Theological Fragments – 01-06-16

  1. Oooooh! I’m totally going to get some of those books for my nephew. He needs good wholesome books lol!

  2. I find it really disturbing that any man, no matter how he identifies his gender, can go into a shower or locker room with any woman. And this is as young as 15?! There is something completely wrong with our minds if we start putting young girls at risk for the same of someone else’s feelings. And you are right! If I was a guy I would be tempted to try it at least once! Especially if all I had to do was tell someone I self identify as a woman and I would get to see naked chicks. Thank God I’m not a guy I guess!

    • I’m with you Marie, although I’m not tempted to actually do it. I can see this being disastrous. I don’t understand their thinking.

  3. Lorre

    I loved that post on the law/gospel! How insightful. You are right. To hear people talk about it today you would think that it is a new heresy and not an orthodox belief of the historical reformed church. SMH.

    • Right Lorre! The odd thing is a lot of the attacks on it are from Confessionally Reformed folks who would know better if they read their confessions!

  4. Hay Aaron I love when you post these with just little intros to stuff it keeps me clicking on links all night lol! I agree with Marie. Thats relly disturbing that a man can come and watch me shower good thing they don’t have those here. Also your FB counts are broke again eh! I was all clicking on it and posting it and nothing lol! I get bored here so one of my pleasurs is to click links and watch the count go up by one and see my little ol number added to the rest lol! I know totally OCD but yeppers! That’s me lol!

    • You’re right it is disturbing. Thanks for the heads up on the counter. I can always count on you to notice those things. I have a support ticket open

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