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Theological Fragments – 01.25.2017


As many of you know, the primary purpose for this blog over the past few years has been to review and discuss books. That said, I thought I might try to bring back the Theological Fragments feature in 2017 so there is more than just book reviews here. I believe the last time I ran one of these was in April of last year. I always enjoyed the discussions that would take place on these posts. So without further ado, here are a few fragments of theology. . . theology in small bites rather than an entire post on one topic.

If you didn’t catch The Briefing on Monday you will want to listen to this. There is a lot going on in politics right now as you are all very well aware. What happens however when we see a clash between the politics of populism and the politics of identity? What does this all mean for the Christian? Whose version of the truth are we to believe and does it matter? These are all questions discussed on Monday in The Briefing 01-23-17.

I have been enjoying the series on finding yourself in God’s story over at the White Horse Inn. This episode was particularly good. It’s so easy to get caught up in doctrine and to forget that, as important as the doctrine is, it is intended to point us to something greater. Listen to How Our Beliefs Shape Us

Today at, Paul Tripp shares a memory from his childhood that illustrates how the gospel speaks to the words we speak. Read, The Roots of Words.

I hope you enjoy these fragments of theology. Now, let’s discuss and incorporate them into a fuller theology that speaks to all of life. I’m excited to hear how God uses these to make the gospel come alive.


3 thoughts on “Theological Fragments – 01.25.2017

  1. Chelsea Farrell

    Oh yay!! I used to like reading these then you stopped. I stayed a subscriber though because I like the book reviews too.

    I’m listening to the Whitehorse Inn right now and wow! I need to go back and listen to the other segments in the series now.

    I loved the Paul Tripp post. So convicting! I’m one of those who says I didn’t mean what I said whenever I have angry words but he’s right, what comes from our mouth originates in out heart. I need to confess that I do mean those hurtful things and I need God to change me. The tears are flowing this morning.

  2. Karl

    I also enjoyed the fragments. Partly because the name seems to be a play on Kierkegaard’s Philosophical Fragments but mostly because you packed so much good stuff into a short post. Naturally that short post turns into a lot of reading but it’s a nice format and I find it weeds out a lot of unnecessary Web browsing trying to find something good. I liked the podcasts. Mohler’s podcast in particular reminded me that God is sovereign. I have lost sight of that since the election. Tripp is always good.

  3. I always enjoy The Briefing but don’t get to hear it often enough. I actually have to have time to sit at the computer and listen. I don’t get that luxury anymore. I like that he brought it back to what is truth. That word seems to be thrown around a lot. Fact checking is everywhere but what’s the truth? It’s almost like you can just make up facts and if you have a big enough platform people believe it.

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