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Theological Fragments – 01.26-2016


Christian Living

Over at The Blazing Center, Mark Altrogge posted a wonderful little piece on doing small things for God. It’s a good reminder that we don’t need to seek after the big things that will make a splash or bring us glory here in this life. We should remember that even the little things are counted among the good works “which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them”. Read, Do Something Small For God

Piggybacking on an earlier article about abortion and forgiveness, this one by R.C. Sproul is outstanding. It’s about time that Evangelicals start writing about this. I’m hopeful that the dialogue will begin to focus a little more on the forgiveness offered in the gospel. The gospel after all, is the only thing that has the power to change lives; and changed lives is what is going to end senseless abortions. Read, Can I Be Forgiven If I Had An Abortion

I loved this post by Kevin DeYoung in which he exhorts us to desire knowledge and maturity. How often do we encounter a young person who loves to boast in his knowledge and yet lacks maturity? This is a sad sight indeed. If you have a suspicion that you may be in this camp, head on over to Ligonier and read Desiring Knowledge and Maturity

Defending the Faith

One of the popular attacks on Christianity is the (false) claim that the divinity of Christ was invented by the council of Nicea. Michael J Kruger puts that to rest over at Cannon Fodder. It’s worth reading.


This one might prove to be controversial. Then again, it seems that a good portion of the readers here are two-kingdom advocates so maybe not. For what it’s worth, I agree with Mika Edmondson. In this post, he urges churches to not invite politicians to speak from the pulpit. . . and I think he’s right. Does this mean that we throw in the towel and give up on transforming culture? Of course not; but bad things happen when the church exchanges word and sacrament for the sword. Bad things happen and we don’t have a biblical mandate for the church to do so. So why do so many churches engage in this practice? Read, 5 Reasons to Keep Politicians Out of Your Pulpit

Every so often I come across a post written by a seasoned pastor in which he gives advice about what he has learned in ministry. I read these with great interest and take them to heart. This one by Scott Slayton is no different. Read, 48 Scattered Thoughts about Pastoral Ministry and Being a Pastor

Cultural Trends

Rick Noack wrote an article on a recent poll in Iceland in which 0% of the participants claimed to believe that God created he world. While it does illustrate a trend in Icelandic thought anyone who studies numbers will be suspect of the results. The author’s claim that “literally no young Christians believe that God created the Earth” is mathematically improbable.

6 thoughts on “Theological Fragments – 01.26-2016

  1. Kristi

    I really really really (a lot) liked the article and your comments on the church and abortion. When will we learn that the gospel changes things? If we spent as much time proclaiming the good news as we do protesting and politicking the world would look a lot different. I’d bet abortions would be at an all time low. If only we exchange the clever signs for the powerful gospel. But that’s too hard and we don’t get the visibility of standing before everyone trumpeting our good works if we build relationships and proclaim the gospel in them. We’re so messed up.

    • Kristi, you are right about that. All this time we have been protesting the gospel was largely ignored, and yet it alone has the power to break the chains of bondage.

  2. The post on doing little things for God was so perfect you guys! You don’t know how timely it was for me. Thanks for posting it. Today was just horrible. Rotten! I have been running from what God has called me to because I viewed it as “little”. First day back at work today after maternity leave and I was bound and determined to make it as a working mom. I saw being a mom as a “little thing” and being salt to all these kids as doing a “big thing” for God. He tore me from that today. I missed my little guy so much. Being a mom may be a little thing in everyone’s eyes but it’s a little thing that God has given to me to be faithful in.

    • Lorre, being a mom is the highest calling I can imagine. Don’t let it slip by you!

  3. Oh wow. Okay. I followed the link here from my Aunt Lorre’s Facebook. There’s so much here lol! But the one on abortion and forgiveness was so good I have to share with my friends. I have some that I know of that have had abortions and can’t forgive themselves. I know there are also some who probably have but just keep it quiet.

    • Christine yes there are many many women who struggle with post abortion depression and an inability to forgive themselves. Please do share the resources with them.

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