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Theological Fragments – 04.27.2016


Theological Fragments – 04.27.2016

Last week at Meet the Puritans Joel Beeke introduced a new series of posts with a post called Assurance of Salvation . In the post he affirms the experiential knowledge that we have as Christians and yet issues a warning to be wary of its deceptions. He urges us to look for the faithful application of the signs of the state of grace presented in scripture. This promises to be a good series.

Erik Raymond recently wrote an article called The Soft Prosperity Gospel in the April edition of Table Talk Magazine. In it he reveals a handful of ways in which we have been duped into a soft form of the old prosperity pseudo-gospel. This is revealed in the way that we understand the role of suffering, the role of God, the shape of worship, the focus of devotion, and the object of affection. This article is good on so many levels and I pray that God will use it to help us each identify ways in which we have a distorted gospel so that we can return to the pure gospel of Christ.

I absolutely loved this post by David McLemore at For The Church in which he takes Jesus’ words in John 16:27 and expounds on what incredible news this is for us. In five short words, “The Father himself loves you”, Jesus turns our entire world upside down. How can the Father love a bunch of hooligans and sinners? How is it that he knows us (and our vile sin) so intimately and yet continues to love us? Head on over to For The Church and be encouraged. Read, The Father Himself Loves You.

In this fascinating article, The Telegraph describes how scientists have discovered a flash of light that occurs at the moment of conception. This happens when the sperm enters an egg and causes the calcium to increase to the extent that zinc is released from the egg. The released zinc binds itself to small molecules and begin to glow. The healthier the egg the brighter it glows.The practical application of this discovery is the ability to now pre-select eggs for IVF based upon the highest probability that it will result in fertilization. However, solely on the level of fascinating things to observe, this is way off the cool spectrum charts. Read, Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg 

7 thoughts on “Theological Fragments – 04.27.2016

  1. Randolph

    Very good. Beeke’s article was very through provoking and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say as he goes on.

    Soft prosperity? It’s close to full on prosperity. Particularly when is comes to the church feeling like God owes them a blessing for their morality. We miss the point. Our growing moral conformity is the blessing. It isn’t was earns a blessing.

    It’s incredible to think of the father loving us isn’t it? We are all prodigals. And yet there he is waiting to embrace us. It’s all god. And that’s a good thing.

    I’m amazed that the anti life crowd still clings to the “it’s not a life” excuse. Life is miraculous and this is a small glimpse of that miracle.

  2. Gracelynn

    I never get tired of hearing John 16:27! Ever!!! I write it everywhere, it’s written all over my walls in my room much to my parents chagrin, and I have it as my username and few places. The father HIMSELF loves me!

  3. Thomas

    That last one on the moment of conception was amazing! I saw it earlier on Facebook and we just couldn’t stop watching it. It’s amazing to see what takes place at such a microscopic level. To think that we have been delegated the power of creation by God is a humbling thought.

  4. I almost had an opportunity to see Beeke speak this weekend in Seattle along with Paul Washer but we have a sort of crisis going on at church and it would be best if I were here. I’m still thinking of sending my wife and girls but then there is the issue of her having to watch a handful of girls. He comes around every now and then so I’ll get to see him again. And we attended the Ligonier conference where he spoke.

    • Ryan we were at that conference! Both Beeke a day Washer were really good. There were some other good speakers as well. I really wish you would have been able to attend. It would have been nice seeing you and your family. I have been praying for your crisis.

      • Ryan Smith

        I wish I would have known that. My wife and girls were there!

  5. The true believer has a different heart (Luke 8:15), for spiritual light dwells in him permanently to make him more holy and dependent on the Lord. Well stated

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