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There is None Righteous


I really appreciated this post by Erin Davis over at the Gospel Coalition. All to often we think that an outwardly righteous life means that the person is a good person. Davis came to grips with her own unrighteousness in a powerful way. Read, There Are No Good Girls

11 thoughts on “There is None Righteous

  1. Oh I remember when I thought I was a good girl. Boy was I wrong lol!

    • ajcerda

      Marie we have all been there. Praise God for his Grace!

    • Marie you are a cutie pie! I never thought I was righteous I used to even be proud of being naughty but God has grace for both kinds! !!

  2. Lenette

    This really hit me hard AJ. My whole life has been a series of doing good things while being ashamed of what is inside. God have mercy. I am garbage and he is pure.

    • ajcerda

      Lenette you have a lot of people praying for you. Please continue to seek the freedom found in Christ. It is better to be a slave to righteousness than to sin; and trusting in your righteousness is the worst kind of sin.

    • jami c

      Hi Lenette, I would recommend the book “Because He Loves Me” by Elyse Fitzpatrick. I love her inclusion of Scripture. I would often lay the book aside and dwell on a passage for a while. Anyway, I wasn’t taught a works based faith outright, but I still had the false belief that my behavior dictated God’s love for me. This book was very helpful in understanding His profound love for me and that there is deep rest in His working in me. Praying for you!

  3. Lenette

    Oh Jami I have to tell you that I went out and bought this book on Kindle as soon as I read your comment and have been weeping ever since page 1. I had to put it down so many times just to digest what was being said. Can this be real? I am so confused and a part of me is even angry. How can I grow up a faithful Catholic and never hear this? But there it is right in front of me when I read my Bible! I read some of the book and then read where she takes me to the Bible and it is there in black and white just as she said. Thank you dear one. This book is changing me.

    • jami c

      Oh Lenette, I am so glad! It is the gospel, and it’s changing me too. I am finding a strong desire to obey God motivated by joy. I am no longer motivated by fear (as in afraid, not reverence) or by thinking my obedience gets me something. There certainly are rewards for obeying, scripture is clear; but it is clear it is Christ working in us, nothing we do. And we can feel secure knowing He promises to complete this work He has started! (Phil 1:6) Be encouraged that God is revealing Himself to you, and trust that He will use where you have come from to glorify His name!

      • ajcerda

        Well said Jami!

      • Lenette

        Jami, Thank you dear one. I feel all at once horrified that everything I have worked for to prove myself to be a good person has been removed from me and yet at the same time free to come to God as a woman who is so dirty inside. I am humiliated by my confession of being so nasty inside because my whole life has been one of trying to show how pious I am. I just want to be cleansed deep inside. I feel so unworthy but like Elyse says in her book he loves me. This is greater than my shame.

  4. Lenette I luv you! I pray for you and you have lots and lots of orphan kiddos here pray for you!

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