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Three Essentials for Every Marriage


In light of recent events which have exposed the gross sin and depravity of millions of men (many of whom are in ministry) this article is a much needed commentary on three ways to protect your marriage. This isn’t a formulaic man made solution which we are used to hearing, but essential instructions from God about how marriage should operate. Read, 3 Essentials Every Marriage Needs

5 thoughts on “Three Essentials for Every Marriage

  1. This is so good! Imagine that. The help we new right there in the Bible.

  2. Kenneth

    Very well stated. Why should we be surprised at the sin we are seeing when we abandoned God’s law so long ago?

  3. Colleen Boudinot

    The biggest mistake I made early on in our marriage was not understanding the importance of being one flesh. What this means. How we as women fulfill our role and what our husbands as men need to do to fulfill theirs. It’s more than fitting pieces together. That’s the easy part.

  4. Gerald

    While I agree with the general idea I hesitate to say that following these three points will guarantee a good marriage. A man can completely abandon and neglect his parents and be following the first. He can cleave to his wife and yet be a harsh man. He can become one flesh with her and harbor lustful thoughts toward another. My point is not that these are bad things but that a husband and wife can mark these off as accomplishments and still have a marriage in shambles because at our most base level of humanity we are sinners. No amount of leaving or leaving or oneness can protect against that. Only God can.

  5. Pam H

    The hardest thing to do is connect spiritually with another person. This takes hard work amd commitment. I’m not even sure where to start to be frank.

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