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Total Praise:: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


Another one of my favorites.  It is very simple yet very profound. Meditate on these words and be blessed today.

Lord, I will lift up my eyes to the hills,
knowing my help is coming from You.
Your peace You give me
in time of the storm.

You are the source of my strength,
You are the strength of my life;
I lift up my hands in total praise to You.

Amen, Amen, Amen

3 thoughts on “Total Praise:: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

  1. Well I have a hard time meditating on just words so I downloaded the song. At first I was bored with the song but then by the end of it I was crying and crying! Then I listened to it over and over again and I like the beginning now because the words are so cool! But I don’t really understand why lift my eyes up to the hill so I just imagined lifting them up to God instead of a hill. Cool song. Im gonna buy the whole CD!

  2. Ryan

    We just learned about that this year in seminary. Psalm 121 is a psalm of ascents. Three times a year Israel was required to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Passover, festival of Weeks and festival of tabernacles. These are called the shalosh regalim (I remember that because I missed it on my final). When all of Israel was marching up to Jerusalem together they would sing these songs of ascents (as they ascended up to Jerusalem which is on a big hill). So to lift your eyes up to the hills, imagine trecking up to Jerusalem. You are visiting the temple where God dwells to worship him. You look up to the very top of the hills and see the holy city in the distance. It is sung in anticipation of reaching the temple to worship God. Lifting your eyes up to the hills = lifting your eyes up to God.

    It also a picture of our journey on earth. we look up to God in anticipation of reaching his dwelling place the true city of God. It’s about our hope of dwelling with God forever and putting our trust in him on the journey here on earth.

    I’ll have to ask my wife if she has this song. She likes the BTC.

    • Ryan, that was an excellent explanation!

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