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Up to speed…


Health Update

I had another neurological appointment a couple of weeks ago and underwent a few more test to further rule out ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/ AKA Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  These tests were encouraging in that they did not show any signs of Lower Motor Neuron (LMN) degeneration.  The absence of LMN degeneration is required to rule out ALS. The end result is that my diagnosis is still PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis). Although PLS is closely related to Lou Gehrig’s it is not fatal. Both of these diseases fall under a broader group of diseases known as Motor Neuron Diseases.  I have  explained this in a little more detail here.

The good news is that PLS is not life threatening. In fact, my neurologist said that I will most likely die from a fall. This is because my balance and mobility will significantly deteriorate over time, making it more difficult to maneuver around obstacles on the ground that would otherwise be non threatening. The second most likely cause of my death will be heart failure due to immobility. As you can imagine, exercise is a lot more difficult now, and immobility leads to a host of health problems… mostly heart related. To prevent this, I was highly encouraged to look into swimming and other water exercises which provide good cardiovascular activity, but do not rely exclusively on leg strength (you can still swim using mostly upper body muscles and you don’t have to bend the legs as much as other cardio workouts).

A Great Loss

Last week, a dear friend of mine unexpectedly passed away.  He died in an car accident leaving behind a wife and many friends. He was just about to start a new chapter in his life- a chapter which has not ended, but is just now beginning as he is now having the mysteries of the scriptures revealed to him in full.

Kevin and I had been friends for nine years, and I had the privilege of discipling him and then being his accountability partner for the last six years of his life. We would meet regularly as he would confess his struggles with an authenticity rarely seen in a man.   His love of life and dedication to helping those in need are a model for all Christian men to emulate.

In what would end up being my final conversation with Kevin shortly before his death, we discussed the power of Christ in us to overcome sin. Kevin was a man who was greatly burdened by his sin.  As he grew closer and closer to Christ, the weight of his sin only grew heavier on his heart; not because he felt it affected his righteousness, but because he had a clear understanding that it did not. He knew better than most that his only hope of salvation  was Christ’s righteousness credited to him. His life was one which was clearly marked by increasing signs of holiness. He trusted in Christ alone to sanctify him.

Kevin spoke often of  the day in which he would be released from his body and would find true freedom. He always wanted to know what that would be like to be perfected in Christ.  Although I will miss him, I am rejoicing that he has finally received his biggest desire.


Jami and the kids are doing well. As many of you know, Jami has decided to school Lauren herself this year at home. Although it can be difficult for her to balance school and the other children, I see a gift shining through Jami which I never knew that she had. It has been  a joy to see my wife pull off a seemingly impossible balancing act of wife, mother, teacher, cook, homemaker . . . the list goes on and on. I am not sure how she finds the strength to do it. Not only does she fill each role, she excels at each and every one of them. She truly is a woman to behold.

The others are also doing well. Lila is growing by leaps and bounds. I never thought that we would have a child who would eat more than Elijah, but I do believe he has finally met his match.

I hope this serves to get you caught up on the latest happenings around our home. If I forgot anything please feel free to let me know. I appreciate all of your prayers. They strengthen me every day.

7 thoughts on “Up to speed…

  1. Thanks for the update boss! I wll keep prayin’ for you and your family. I think I remember Kevin. I started right when he was leaving for another job. Sad. I’m glad that he is in a better place ya know.

  2. Dear Husband, I believe the comments about me are somewhat exaggerated, but I appreciate them very much!

  3. Ryan

    Glad to hear all is well. We’re praying for you. Jami, from what Aaron tells me it sounds like he gave an accurate portrayal!

  4. Ryan!!!! OMG you’re alive and you have a blog!!! I like your picture of Gimli. You sooooo look like Gimli. Unless you shaved. Did you shave?

  5. Ryan

    Hi Serena. No blog. I’m too paranoid that I would write something stupid. I just created a wp account so I can be cool and have a neat little avatar next to my name. I did shave a while ago but it’s growing back in now. Not quite the Gimli beard yet but it will get there.

    Hey Aaron, are you hiring? I need a job to get me through the rest of seminary. Would you hire me back after I left so abruptly *blushing*? Give me a call. Your phone number is somewhere at the bottom of the Columbia River along with my cell phone.

  6. Hey while UR at it hire me again too! Job market sucks right now and I got fired. Jami Aaron alwayz says UR a cool wife so I’m believing him too!

  7. Thanks guys. 🙂

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